Gig Report: AKP at State Theater 1/27/2018 (pic heavy)

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    Jan 21, 2014
    This is my first attempt at a gig-report. I will not call it a @BassCliff -styled report, as there really are no food photos, but I will mention food! ;)

    Saturday was a cool experience as Acoustic Kitty Project performed at the inaugural "Stage on Stage" series at the beautiful State Theater in Easton, PA. The "Stage on Stage" concept is to create a club atmosphere by transforming the (rather large) stage of this historic theater into a more intimate space where the performers and the crowd can share that space. It went very well and based on the turnout, I'm hoping it is done much more often!

    We shared the bill with Richmond, VA-based The Trongone Band who were fantastic!

    The State Theater is a very nice restored theater.
    01 Marquis.jpg

    When the theater was restored and renovated they made many improvements behind the scenes. For example, there are modern loading facilities. There is private parking on an adjacent roof deck with a loading dock and freight elevator. Dan's ready to take the first ride down.
    02 LoadIn1.jpg
    At stage-level, the elevator has a large vestibule (on the left in this photo) and easy access to stage right (straight ahead).
    03 LoadIn2.jpg
    Bill checks his phone while Adam (the theater's sound engineer) works onstage. This was an easy setup for Bill as he and the other band agreed he'd use their drums rather than change-over. The theater's crew were great to work with and are consummate professionals.
    04 LoadIn3.jpg
    Adam and Isaak (another member of the crew) work on stage. The stage that they built for the "Stage on Stage" concept is tucked into the stage left wing of the full stage. You can see the secondary loading door on stage right. Until the renovations, this was the primary loading access. It is in a very narrow alley and posed challenges to get semi-trailers in and out. The crews were very happy to have the new loading dock access!
    06 AdamIsaak1.jpg
    I brought my little rig :D which I shared with Todd Herrington, the bassist with The Trongone Band. He's an amazing player. Look him up and check out his stuff -- with The Trongone Band and his other work.
    07 AdamIsaak2.jpg
    Here's a view of the "Stage on Stage" setup from behind the bar at the back. You can get a glimpse of the theater's house on the right. More of that coming...
    08 HouseFromTheBar.jpg
    Carter, Dan and Bill having a chat before soundcheck. That's Mark on the far left. He's the Production Manager at The State Theater.
    09 CarterDanBillMarkAdam.jpg
    Our dressing room.
    10 DressingRoom1.jpg
    Dressing room bathroom, with shower.
    11 DressingRoomBathroom.jpg
    The "Star" dressing room has been autographed on all four walls and the ceiling by most who have performed here since the renovations. I have enjoyed seeing quite a few shows at The State Theater, including Pixies, Elvis Costello, Ian Anderson, Brian Setzer, and many more. I'm happy to say that AKP is now on the wall!
    12 Dressing Room Autographed Up.JPG
    Carter in the Green Room. CF Martin guitars sponsors the green room. Sorry @BassCliff and all...we did have dinner in the green room, but I did not grab photos of the food. It was simply pizza, salad and wings. You'll have to use your imaginations!
    13 GreenRoom.jpg
    A view of the theater house from stage. It is gorgeous.
    14 TheasterSeating.jpg
    Some of the plaster work in the house. Lovely.
    15 TheaterPlasterDetail.jpg
    16 Merch.jpg
    The stage is ready.
    17 StageReady.jpg
    ....and we're off...
    19 Live2.JPG 20 Live6.jpg 21 Live 3.jpg

    I hope you enjoyed the report. Attendees had a blast and we had a fabulous time inaugurating this new series at this historic venue.

    More food photos next time...I promise! :)
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    That was a most excellent report for a most excellent gig. The Stage on Stage concept is great. Most people don't get to experience the stage view of a beautiful room like that. Years ago I did a similar thing at the old Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (an 18,000 seat outdoor venue).

    Any video available?
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  3. Beautiful pics! great stuff. I like "accoustic kitty" :)
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    May 29, 2011
    I saw the Eurythmics there back in the day. What a great venue.
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    May 17, 2012
    So. Cal.
    Hi Mr. @mc900ftj,

    This. Is. Just. Fabulous!

    I love old theaters, especially the ones that have been so painstakingly restored to their former glory. The "Stage on Stage" concept is brilliant too. What a great gig. What a nice facility, right down to the "everybody sign here" wall. Just great.

    If that's your "small" rig, I'd really hate to move your large one! ;)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful event with us. This is pretty dang cool.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Jan 21, 2014
    Thank you, McG! You hit the nail on the is a gorgeous room. No video that I know of.

    You're quite welcome. Food details and photos next time, I promise.

    My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I called that my little rig. But actually it's pretty light...and sounds great.

    Thank you for all the great reports you have shared in the past. I love the behind the scenes stuff.
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    Dec 20, 2010
    That looks like a killer music venue! Even the pics have a cool vibe. :bassist:
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    What a killer place!! Most places like that have been condemned or torn down. Glad someone invested in restoring this very cool place. Thanks for posting, if any video surfaces please post.

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  9. I like the stage on stage thing. I bet they could do that at our local Lincoln Center.
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