Gig Report - Dangerous Mushrooms @ Stanley’s Cup and Grill, 7/22/22

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    Feb 8, 2015
    St Louis, MO
    Our cover band, the Dangerous Mushrooms Band, got out for the first time last night and I’m happy to report that it was a huge success!

    Our band was just forming when the pandemic shut things down. We had three of the five members and were really looking for at least a fourth, either another guitarist or keyboard player who could sing. It certainly was a difficult time to audition or find new players for a while, but we ended up with a really good singer/frontman and an outstanding keys player, who joined us earlier this year and really completed the sound we were looking for. When we were ready, then came the matter of finding gigs in a tight St. Louis market. Stanleys Cup and Grill is less than a year old and they are trying to increase their live music so they offered us a Friday night, 7-11.

    We met at the drummer’s house to load up the PA and help him with his kit. He has a pick up truck and I copped Mrs. Thumpenstein’s SUV to haul part of the load. D47E35CF-4D4D-40C2-9580-DADC164B983D.jpeg

    Hot day in St. Louis! Note the temp on the dashboard.
    We were some pretty sweaty Mushrooms by the time we were done loading in! And it’s not a huge place, so it warmed up a bit when we had the doors open for a few. Thankfully, it cooled off again quickly.

    The owner was super nice and accommodating. Load in was a breeze despite the heat; we just pulled right up to the front door and we were
    50 feet from the stage. 6DFC6A8C-DF5A-48F3-8D0D-1E6F1750DB9E.jpeg 4534965E-5799-44CC-8349-EC844B84AF6B.jpeg
    My rig is pretty complete these days. The Mesa WD 800 is the perfect amp for me and I plugged it into the PA and a Subway 112/115 stack. It killed! My main working bass is a Fender Player Plus J that Mrs. Thumpenstein gave me for Christmas and it sounds great. I love playing my Aerodyne, but it was passive until this past week and I couldn’t swap them out without making several adjustments on the amp, so it wasn’t really good for hot swapping or as a back up. So I installed an Audere 4-band preamp this past week into the Aerodyne, and it is now officially a Beast. (It might become my number one, but it is a little noisier than the J, so we’ll see.) In any event, I’ve got two good basses that I don’t worry about taking into any of the dicier joints we may end up playing at some point. I had compliments from friends, family, and strangers on the tone. I went through the PA and angled the stack up toward me, which also reinforced the house sound and I never had trouble hearing a single note. I use the Genzler 4 on the Floor for a little hair. It’s a beautifully touch-sensitive set up and I’ve got really good control from my fingertips without even adjusting anything, just depending on how hard I dig in.

    We had pretty well cooled off by the time we had everything set up. Sound check right at 5:30, as we had planned. There were some patrons there when we arrived and we actually got decent applause playing about half of Shine. PA is a Soundcraft UI16, which can be controlled with an app that runs on phones, computers, iPads, etc. We had been using it during our last couple of months of rehearsal and had to make only some minor adjustments to the mix. Drummer plays a really fantastic Roland electronic kit, which is the most ear-saving bit of technology in bar band history, if you ask me. And it allows us to play smaller places like this without having to turn up too loud to keep up with an acoustic kit.

    We mingled a bit with friends and family, and started at the stroke of 7. A quick picture of the band before the show:

    Dangerous Mushrooms started with a decidedly hair metal bent when we first formed, so we started with a couple of Poison songs, Nothin’ But a Good Time and, yes, Talk Dirty To Me. It really got the crowd rocking and got us off to a good strong start. Bartenders were signaling for us to crank it up louder barely into the first song. The first set was over in a flash.

    We never really took time to eat before the show, and I was feeling a bit peckish, but didn’t quite have time to order anything, so I had one of the drummer‘s kid’s potato skins and a couple of toasted raviolis (it’s a St. Louis thing) after the first set. Then I arranged with one of my buddies to order a burger with two songs left in the second set. That plan worked perfectly, and let me tell you, Stanley’s Cup and Grill makes a tasty burger! Their onion rings are killer, too!

    The crowd was into it all night! Great energy from the crowd and a lot of dancing and partying! D2DBADEB-484C-45AA-88C6-28D528AED97B.jpeg
    At one point in the second set, I saw a gentleman approach Mrs. Thumpenstein, who was seated with some of our good friends and her son, Roger. This gentleman was wearing a T-shirt that pronounced his intention to seek booty. Before any ensuing conversation could develop, Roger pipes up, “Hey Bootyman! That’s my MOTHER!” and the gentleman promptly excused himself. . That’s my BOY! Nice D! (All in good cheer, you certainly can’t fault an establishment for having a friendly crowd!)

    The night was over too quickly! Everyone was having a great time when we finished up and they asked for more. Nobody seemed to notice the clams, of which there were mercifully few. The owners were thrilled, comped the band and threw a nice chunk into the tip mushroom. (Drummer has a 3-D printer so he made us a tip jar, which worked better than the Venmo sign.)
    They have already asked us back and we’ve got a couple of lines on some other venues, so the Dangerous Mushrooms are out of the basement for good!
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  2. growlypants


    Nov 10, 2012
    Outstanding report, sir! Best of luck, and thanks for the post!:thumbsup:
  3. Admiral Akbar

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    Mar 12, 2013
    New York
    Stanley’s cup and grill — awesome club name, makes me wanna visit St. Louis!

    enjoyable gig report - can’t wait to see what you guys do next!
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    Feb 8, 2015
    St Louis, MO
    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Thought I would throw in my last picture, realized I did not have an “action” shot.

    Still hoping for decent video.
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  5. Malak the Mad

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    [​IMG] :roflmao:

    Oh, fer cryin' out loud! It's 4:15am and now I want a tasty burger! Thanks, Doc! :banghead:
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  6. DrThumpenstein

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    Feb 8, 2015
    St Louis, MO
    That’s right!

    (We all know how smart you are Malak, so we won’t go into further detail here!:smug:)
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  7. DrThumpenstein

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    Feb 8, 2015
    St Louis, MO
    BTW, my Aerodyne’s name is Jules. ;)
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    May 20, 2009
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    I love photos that caption themselves:

    Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.00.29 AM.png

    I also love your Aerodyne. Always great to see one in the wild.
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  9. DrThumpenstein

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    Feb 8, 2015
    St Louis, MO
  10. Bunk McNulty

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    Dec 11, 2012
    Northampton, MA
    "They have already asked us back." Sweet words, ain't they?

    It is always good to begin well. Now keep it going!:bassist:
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  11. Spidey2112


    Aug 3, 2016
    Excellent report, @DrThumpenstein!

    Ain't nothing like the payoff of performing, after a lot of hard work to get there. Looks like a great turnout, too!
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  12. Malak the Mad

    Malak the Mad Over the River and through the Looking Glass Supporting Member

    Bearing that awesome fact in mind, a few bars of "Jungle Boogie" in your next set-list is a moral imperative, lack of a horn section be damned! :cool:

    (Or, if that wouldn't work for the crowd and/or venue, "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" could be an acceptable alternative. :D)
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  13. bajaandy


    Apr 25, 2010
    Sweet! Killer gig report! Love everything about this... the kick back venue, the metal-esq genre of the band and the opening tunes, the band name... Looks like you guys had fun!

    Curious what you used to tilt your Mesa rig back? I run a Subway 115/210 and I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with anything but flat on the ground. (Visions of sending my WD crashing to the floor behind the rig!)
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  14. DrThumpenstein

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    Feb 8, 2015
    St Louis, MO
    That is a righteous call! I’m now officially embarrassed that I didn’t think of that myself. Back to the woodshed!
    Thanks!! I know that 210-115 stack kills!

    I cut to width a 4 x 4 and wrapped it in nonslip carpet padding. Depending on how much I need to tilt it back, I can just rest the front of the cab for the least amount of tilt, put the front feet on it for a little more, or actually put it behind the front feet for maximum tilt. I always give it a little hip check once I’ve got everything set up to make sure it’s stable and that it doesn’t keep going backward. Usually it’s close to a wall, so it’s not going to fall over.

    I use the same kind of nonslip pad under the WD and I have not had any trouble with movement. Of course, I haven’t really cranked the cabs, but it didn’t budge during the gig and never has at home, and I’ve played it pretty loud at home. (I just took those last two pictures at home, and this is how I had it tilted that night, behind the front feet. It looks more tilted in the first picture but that’s just perspective, I didn’t move it between pics.)
    C9364461-4B04-4AB9-9CF6-5B5C96AD70AB.jpeg 9979AEDD-78DB-4AC8-BDCE-58E7E866D272.jpeg
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  15. Malak the Mad

    Malak the Mad Over the River and through the Looking Glass Supporting Member

    :facepalm: :rollno:

    Totally kidding! ;) But, if I can offer up another bit o' silliness-with-purpose, if I were in the group, I'd totally put a small sign on the tip-mushroom stating "Tips for the fungus among us! ❤︎"

    By now, you probably know I'm all about low-cost/maximum-effect DIY solutions and that, sir, is a killer solution! [​IMG]
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  16. that's what I call the 'Leaning Tower of Mesa' :D
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  17. Great gig report, sounds like fun. Couple that with "the audience didn't notice the clams" and that's a successful night.

    I'm a big fan of electronic drums, for the reason you stated....volume control!

    Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
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  18. CryingBass

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    Apr 8, 2016
    Cool gig congrats. I hope the flood the other day did not cause you pain.
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  19. JRA

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    very cool! you guys obviously nailed it! :thumbsup:

    there's so much to appreciate in that gig report --- but i'm with bunk on the "sweet words" (more bookings!). glad you're "out of the basement," it's good to persevere --- and thanks for sharing your great gig experience! :thumbsup:
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  20. 12BitSlab

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    Nov 28, 2016
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    Congrats! It sounds like you are a bunch of fungi’s.
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