Gig Report: Double Barrel Parties in the Park!

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  1. Ok - here’s my first attempt at a gig report. Please no rotten tomatoes.... I’m no Bass Cliff....

    1st off. No food. I mean, they had food. Very good food, by all reports. I didn’t partake as I had eaten at home. Poor poor planning on my part. Not sure what I was thinking!!! They also had beer. Very good beer. I brought my own. Sensing a pattern here??? I mean, I didn’t even get a picture of the food. Unacceptable, I know....

    The drive to the venue. On a normal day, it’s 5 minutes from my house. On the Sunday after 4th of July in a major tourist town - it’s 30+ of stop and go with bozos pulling RVs and boats. Fun time. Now I know what Bass Cliff feels like on some of his gig commutes!


    This is my country /rock/variety band Double Barrel playing the opening show of Minocqua, Wisconsin’s ‘Party in the Park’ summer concert series. Sound production was provided by our good friend Luke Olsen at O.M.E Productions - based out of central Wisconsin. We had a great crowd - the non profit selling concessions sold out of just about everything (food AND beer). Hopefully will help them build more mountain bike trails!! Super fun show - not many dancing in the video because that’s brand new sod that was placed last week as part of the construction of the new pavilion at the park. The pavilion was packed with a large, loud, appreciative crowd. So much fun!!!

    We play a pretty diverse set ranging from from from Alan Jackson/ Garth Brooks/etc era to Carrie/Miranda to Luke Combs, 38 Special, B-52’s, Def Leppard, Johnny Cash, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Journey, Spice Girls (go ahead and laugh) etc etc, and of course Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper ( I get to pretend I’m Bradley Cooper for 3 minutes - it’s awesome :D

    We finished with Independence Day by Martina McBride - no video - I wish I had, our female lead has serious vocal chops and absolutely kills all the powerhouse female country artists songs. She can also rap like Cardi B - not sure why she’s in a band with us but hey! We will take it!

    Full band, hammering it out...

    Yours truly - who has clearly been in the sun too long all weekend working on the yard/house. I also had another gig with my other band Saturday night - so I was working on about 2 1/2 hours sleep!!!



    The entire bandstand , opposite the pavilion with a beautifully sodded and soaking wet dance area in between! We are doing the setup dance... Three of the five of us have young kids - and they had a ball dancing, running, somersaulting, and generally being kids for the entire time. Can’t trade that for anything.


    New pavilion before the crowd arrives:


    YouTube highlights reel as assembled by our awesome sound guy Luke! If you are brave enough - I sing Beer Money at about the 14 minute mark....

    That’s it from northern Wisconsin - peace out bass brethren!
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  2. You guys sounded tight. Well done. What Spice Girls song do you do? My band has similar instrumentation and we cover Lady Gaga & Katy Perry. Always on the hunt for songs that make the audience go "what the...."
    Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Good first gig report Rich!

    As for the food, no worries, I never remember that detail either.

    That whole pavilion area is really nice, looks like a great time.

    I'll watch the video later when I'm back in civilization and dont need to wait all day for it to downlaod.
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    Love the kick drum skin! It's perfect!
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    ha! great job! looks like a wonderful venue on a great day. glad you had gigs in spite of your need for sleep. thanks for sharing your gig experience! :thumbsup:
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  6. Thanks! We do Wannabe by Spice Girls (of course). It kills every time - seriously! We didn't play it here - not the right style gig for it lol. We used to do Hot and Cold by Katy Perry - not sure why we stopped, that was a really good one to get people moving too. We also do a 3 song mashup that includes The Outfield's 'Your Love' combined with Sean Mendez's 'Nothing Holding Me Back', and Katy Perry's remake/mixup of Your Love.

    And YES - getting the audience to go 'what the....' is a constant goal for us too lol!
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  7. Thank you Sir!
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    Very nice report !
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  9. Great first report! I have to check you all out, since your in my neck of the woods.
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    Hey @richntiff!

    You got some "Bradley Cooper" going on! Amanda and I do that song and it always gets a good response. Maybe it would get a better response if I was as handsome as you. ;) I like your voice better than the other male lead. I guess he owns the PA. :D I love the song "Head's Carolina". My band doesn't do it often enough. Nice medley! Thanks for showing us your gig!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  11. Well thank you sir! We are very lucky in that all 5 of us possess some vocal ability - we all sing lead on at least a few songs. It keeps things fresh for the audience and gives our main lead singers a break. And yes - ‘Shallow’ gets a great response each time, but I’m pretty sure it’s Adrean’s ability to channel Lady Gaga far more than my part lol!

    Heads Carolina is always a winner for us - even before we mashed it with Hold on Loosely. I’ll bet your band does a killer version of it! Tell them some yahoo in Wisconsin said you should play it more often!
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  12. Thank you man! I need to find my way to one of your gigs - the bit I’ve heard on FB etc has been great! The new pavilion is very nice - it’s a good addition to the park.
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  13. Please do - and what is your band’s name? Our drummer is a Medford native!
  14. Work Release, formerly The Wise Guys
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    That was a great first gig report! I like Wisconsin! :thumbsup:
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  16. ‘‘Tis a great place!
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    We are TB! Tomatoes? That' s against the rules!

    We would never throw tomatoes! :D

    carrot throwing.jpg


    hi richntiff :)

    Great first report! Cool pics + great video + fun!!! :hyper::hyper::hyper:

    You guys rock! :thumbsup: thx a lot for sharing!

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  18. I should have known it’d be carrots!!!

    Thank you sir!
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    Great show. Very cool.

    Summer weekends means Minocqua is overrun with tourists from the Milwaukee and Chicago areas with RV's, boats, and jet skis. I've driven through there on a July 4th weekend and the number of vehicles clogging every road was astounding. It took almost an hour to go 5 miles.
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