Gig Report! New G&L’s shine on debut gigs.

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    FF72F6B8-2608-4BD2-95FB-79C256D25A30.png 57F6AA14-3090-4127-B975-FB84DDB413E9.jpeg So I’ve been fortunate enough to purchase several new G&L Basses in the past few weeks and took two of them to my rock gig tonight. I brought my new JB5 and L2000 and used the JB5 on the first two sets and the L2K on the third set. I ran them through my Fender Bassman 100T and Bassman Neo 410 and they were delicious.

    The JB5 growled and thundered and I felt like I have been playing that bass for decades. I loved it so much that I really had to force myself to switch to the L2K on the last set but I did and what a sweetheart this bass is. It was a little hot on the first tune but I forgot about that preamp at first. Really thick and funky and so easy to play.

    The basses were both stand outs tonight in tone, playability and looks. You know your on the right track when the guitar player in the band (who just happens to be Bass Monster Keith Horne) tells you how good the Basses sounded. Win win win!
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    30740687_1869213493110555_8323934313737355264_o.jpg Totally feel the same way,

    New to me JB-5

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