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Gig Report: WTX264

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Orpheus55, Dec 8, 2018.

    • I've always wanted an Eden amp, and jumped when I found a used WTX264 for less than $200 on my local CL. My 10 piece band has dedicated sound man and PA support, and I've been using either an 8 ohm 12" Avatar or 4 ohm 15" Avatar with a Peavey MiniMax head for most gigs. Last night we played outdoors and I used the new Eden with the 8 ohm 12" and--despite concerns that it would be underpowered--I had no problem volume-wise all night. Set the gain at about 2:00, and never turned the volume past noon. The Enhance feature at about 1/4 added nice depth, and the pull-out midrange control lent just enough sparkle to the overall sound. Have to say, I was very impressed. I love the Peavey (noisy fan notwithstanding) but am very impressed with my new find.
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  1. Interesting how some have commented that the 500 watt version doesn't offer an obvious uptick in headroom; initially, I expected to use the 264 strictly with my 4 ohm cab, but I didn't note a discernible difference between it and the Peavey volume-wise--and I know that "knob-twisting" is no indication of power output. Like our sound guy said: "you don't need as much as you think you do."
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  2. Eight gigs in and this little amp continues to amaze; seems to have more power than the 260 watts. Learned to keep the enhance knob very low and pull out the mid-range for a little extra punch. Handles the 112 easily and positively roars through the 34 ohm 115. Just posting in case someone else is looking for authentic experience with this fine little amp.
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