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Gig Story's

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Ca-bitch-patch, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. The turn down...Bad day ​
    This is funny.... this just happen today at 2:30pm.....we were invited to play at a Children's national day festival from age 5 to 14 but i don't recall why invite a local home town Band to play at a children's festival...why not get Barney and friends and have a sing alone......anyways when i got there.. there's was no one from the band around so i stood and waited in the car with mom .......and by now it was 2:40pm and still no one.
    I then dicided to walk around see if i find people and i found the local band's director and he said that we were going on at 3pm ok so i went back to the car to get my gig bag out (wich is a guitar case but.... since I didn't want to take the bass hard case I took the bass in the guitar case instead cause it's much lighter and easy to get around with so yea...you could imagen the head and key's sticking out) well i went back stage to get my stuff ready and people from the band started to show up and everything was going fine...till i heard the people passing by saying ;''Oh no waite! are they gonna play??? so i just ignor them :confused: ...anyways after 3 min the Band's director come's up and said....with this supper happy gay look on his face :D .
    Director: Guess what! :D the same way we got here all pump up :hyper: ready to play :bassist: were gonna leave...that mean's have a safe drive and hope to c ya all pump up ready for this tuesday rehersal.
    Everyone in the Band: ''What the Fu$%!'' :( were not gonna play?!? :mad:
    Director:''Nope...parties over... :smug: i heard this activity started at 8:00am and it's going to end at 3pm so why get the equitment ready just to play 2 song's... to then take down the equitment under this huge rain storm that's coming up ahead.
    ''we were all like true :rolleyes: .....'' so we just started to leave...i for one had to waite while my mom got there the funny part was.....it started to rain :rollno: .......and there was no shelter where i could stand under so i stood under a tree and took the guitar case off my back and hid the top of the bass that was expose out of the guitar's gig bag under my shirt so that the key's woulden't get wet if not they'll rust....then at last mom got there and i was super wet.. she then told me.
    Mom: :) Wow that was the quickiest gig you played in.
    Me:''No mom we didn't played'' :meh: Bummer!
    Mom: Still it was the quickiest gig :smug: .
    Me:Lol....yea :scowl:
    Mom: So are you ok...
    Me: yea.... :confused:
    Mom: Well when we get home take off your shoes at the front door i don't want mudd on the floor.
    Me: :eyebrow:
    That completed my day! :rollno:
  2. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Did you intentionally use damn near every smiley available?

    And I'm sorry, but I can't understand just what happened at all. Your storytelling is atrocious.
  3. nonsqtr

    nonsqtr The emperor has no clothes!

    Aug 29, 2003
    Burbank CA USA
    I understood the post. Had to use my best reading skills, but I got it. :)

    Yeah, that does suck big weenies, doesn't it? That's happened to my cover band on more than one occasion. we've booked into places where they've hired two different bands for the same night (kind of like "overbooking" an airline flight I suppose), and we had to leave 'cause the other one got booked first. Then many moons ago when I was in someone's original band and they were doing 45-minute gigs, they'd show up at the place all ready to play, only to have the previous band hog the stage and crowd out the other acts.

    Two things, one is, that I've learned from those experiences. Never again will I ever play a 45 minute gig. It's just not worth the effort, to gas up the car, and move all the gear back and forth. Second thing is, these days we have an agent that makes the venue sign a written contract, "at the time of booking". Basically, the contract says we get paid whether we play or not. Showing up is "sufficient". Once our agent actually took a guy to court 'cause he refused to pay. He ended up paying anyway, and it was a lot more than he would have had to shell out for just the band.

    I don't know how it is in PR, but here in LA there's a lot of competition, and there's plenty of bands that are willing to play "for free" just so they can get up on stage. And, there are a lot of club owners who take advantage of that situation. Unfortunately, if you're going to play music for money, you have to be a businessman too. Or, you have to work with someone who is. Our agent takes 15%, and as far as I'm concerned, it's worth every penny not to have to deal with the business end of things.

    These days my cover band members and I have the luxury of approaching gigs in a casual way. We show up, and we bring our own beer, and at the end of the day we get paid. Meanwhile, we have a lot of fun, whether we're playing or not. Life is good that way. There's no use getting bent out of shape about other peoples' problems. We just make sure our end is covered, and leave the rest for the others.
  4. ''Yea dude's sorry for my really sucky English lol it's not really up to date it's hard keeping up with spanish as well hehe i think am a blond even thought am really not and well yea in P.R the hole band theory is really diffrent then in the state's just because there isen't a lot of competition here...But since were a local band for the home town we play for free wich sometime's it sucks but other then that were fighting so we can get paid for every gig we do cause it's not easy playing 13 cover song's per show.

    P.S: I had fun with the smily's i think there awesome!

    Not awesome enough.