SOLD Gigantic LOT of Lava Solder-Free Mini ELC Pedal Board Plugs + Cable

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    Hey Guys.

    I'm parting out my effects rig and thus I've got a gigantic collection of Lava solderless patch cable ends and brand new cable up for sale. There are no issues with any of these cables and they all look brand new in my opinion. I've never used pliers to assemble them, only my fingers. They aren't scrapped up in any way.

    These ends are designed to work with any color Lava Mini ELC cable. They require no solder and can be assembled in seconds with the included yellow plastic stripper tool and your fingers. No other tools required once you cut the cable to length.

    Here's what I've got...

    QTY. 68 - 90 degree solderless connectors
    QTY 4 - straight solderless connectors
    APROX. 35' black Mini ELC cable in a spool, BRAND NEW
    APROX. 4' blue Mini ELC cable, BRAND NEW
    Bunch of pre-cut black Mini ELC patch cables
    Bunch of pre-cut blue Mini ELC patch cables

    I've organized the connectors into zip lock bags in quantities of 10. Everything will come very organized as if you were buying these straight from Lava.

    I just added up this lot minus the extra patch cables on Lava's website and it added up to $625 before shipping. See the screen shot I've included below.

    I'd like to sell all of these together in one big lot. You can then split them up and re-sell them if you'd like to.

    I'm asking $295 SHIPPED for all of them via Priority Mail Flat Rate.

    Holler at me with any questions. Thanks guys!

    IMG_6678.JPG IMG_6679.JPG IMG_6680.JPG IMG_6681.JPG IMG_6682.JPG IMG_6683.JPG IMG_6684.JPG IMG_6685.JPG IMG_6686.JPG IMG_6687.JPG IMG_6676.JPG
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  2. Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.13.04 PM.png screen shot of new retail value...
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  3. Price lowered to under $400. Holler!
  4. I'm open to reasonable offers on this guys.
  5. Hey guys. Just lowered the price on this to $325. this is literally almost half of what these connectors cost from Lava. Everything is in perfect condition. Don't miss out on this deal! You could probably buy this, use what you need, then sell the rest on ebay for profit.
  6. Price dropped to $295 shipped!
  7. Sold. Thanks guys.
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