Gimour or Barrett Era Pink Floyd?

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  1. Well I've gotten pretty much everything from the Waters era, and I was wondering about their newer and oldest music. If someone could recommend some of their best songs, I'd be grateful.

    p.s. I want songs, not bass lines.
  2. The albums by the Gilmour headed Pink Floyd ('A Momentary Lapse Of Reason', 'The Devision Bell') are, IMO, brilliant, definately amongst the best that any era Pink Floyd ever done. Do you like songs like 'Comfortably Numb' or 'Run Like Hell' off of 'The Wall'? They were Gilmour's songs. If you like them then you would be blown away by what he has accomplished on those two albums.
    There was only one album released by the Floyd with Syd leading the band, and that was 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn',which is an absolutely brilliant album, one of the all time classics, but dont expect it to sound much like 'Dark Side' or 'The Wall'!
    'Relics' is an awesome compilation of Pink Floyds earliest singles in the Syd era that arent available on any of the other albums, and it also contains a lot of the cooler songs from the earlier Pink Floyd.
    Other earlier albums like 'A Saucerful Of Secrets', 'More' and 'Atom Heart Mother' are great too. I would only recommend 'Ummugumma' to Pink Floyd collectors though! Its uh.. different...
    If you liked the Waters era Floyd (and who didnt?) then you should definately check out his solo albums. 'Amused To Death' (which Roger himself said was a sequel to 'The Wall') is great, and has that familiar Waters era Floyd feeling about it. Roger's voice and writing style is so distinct that you cant listen to the album and not forget that you arent listening to a Pink Floyd album. 'Amused To Death' is much closer to the 'classic' Pink Floyd then any of the early Floyd albums.
  3. I personally like the '70s Pink Floyd the best, especially Wish You Were Here, Animals, and Dark Side of the Moon.
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    Aug 16, 2000
    my favorite Floyd album is "The piper at the gates of dawn"
    i love it!
  5. I vote for the Alan Parsons era Floyd. "Marmalade, I like marmalade."