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  1. 1. How much time do you spend in a day practicing? Try to spend an hour or so most days, though on weekends I tend to lose track of time.

    2. What do you practice? Arpeggios, riffs, and songs

    3. Do you play in a band? Yes
    3a. What style of music do they play? 90s alternative (cover band)
    3b. What (if any) other styles of music do you like to play? Anything that has a bass line that I enjoy

    4. Did you play any instrument before starting to learn the bass? Yes, piano, guitar, clarinet, oboe, cello

    5. Did you, do you, or will you play professionally? I have a great day job, so I guess I will be semi-pro when our band starts playing out (assuming that the definition of pro is getting paid)

    6. What bass do you play now and what would you play if you had unlimited $$? Vintage Ibanez SR800 and Ibanex 370F. Honestly, I like my vintage Ibby better than any other bass I have ever played. Lucky for me!
    6a.What amp do you play now and what would you play if you had unlimited $$? Ampeg PF-800 with 115HE cab. With more $$ I would add another cab, and a way to haul that baby around!
    6b. What's on your pedal board ? Samsamp VT Bass

    7. What is the hardest part about playing the bass for you, what do you find the most challenging ? I have small hands - when I play on the lower frets and have to stretch from 1 to 4, it's a killer!

    8. What strings do you use ? D'Addario Chromes

    9. How long have you been playing ? 18 years off and on

    10. How long can you play before your shoulder and or fingers start to hurt ? (lol!!) It depends on the songs I am playing. I can go 2-3 hours before my shoulder hurts, but sometimes when I am learning a new difficult song, my wrist and fretting hand will give out first!
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