girls are driving me nuts...

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  1. so, needless to say, girls are driving me insane. My latest kick is if I MANAGE to have a date I hear the same things: "your really cute, but I want to stay friends". it's happened like five times in a row. lately I'm talking to this girl i met, we seem to flirt alot over phone, we see eachother here and there, she hasn't said she wants just friends, but she claims she doesn't really want a boyfriend either. think it's worth saying anything?
  2. Vince S.

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    Jan 24, 2003
    Maybe she wants a "fun" buddy?:smug:
  3. It's all a case of me liking her and being courteous enough to NOT tell her I really like her that's making no "fun" with things. And she seems to be down to hang out all the the time or whatever so I don't know if she's leading me on or what.......
  4. i say ask... doesn't matter how long you wait if she just wants to be friends then she just wants to be friends... and as least you get dates... :bag:
  5. You're probably too nice to them. Rule #1 is not to fall into the friend zone. Girls like challenges, excitement, even drama. Unless you guys are both madly in love it's probably not a good idea to be the "nice guy" with a girl you're interested in.
  6. I'm pretty good in the art of BS, basically what I'm doing is flirting about nothing and ignoring her half the time.
  7. Why do girls like the BS... honestly makes no sense to me... I can't be anything but "the nice guy"... unless someone is getting me really pissed I'm usually calm... even if people bother me i try to remain calm a nice... women don't make sense...
  8. That is why I'm a total douche bag.
  9. I can't pull off douchebag...
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    If you try to be nice to them, (i.e. be their FRIEND), girls will see you as just that -- a FRIEND. You say you're flirting, but clearly you're doing something wrong if this happens every time. Read up on C&F, and learn how to apply it.
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    Take your time. It's better to be friends first anyway.
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    I thought this thread was gonna be a punchline. Y'know the guy that walks into the bar with a steering wheel sticking out of his fly......

    If you really like this girl and want to take it to the next level - tell her. What's wrong with being candid? Even if she says she's not into it you could still talk about it. BFD. Sounds like you two have a good rapport and you could just laugh it off and carry on.

    Girls just want drama. They're bored. They just like to watch us squirm 'cause they know they got the goods and if we don't play it exactly their way when they say so - we ain't gettin' it.
    I have no idea why they seem more attracted to douchebags, but if that's what they want - then they can have it.
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    I'm in the same situation as the OP. I hate my life.

    Ahh whatever, I have the only ladyfriend I need:


    Love ya, Becky
  14. +1
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    Problem is, I'm too ****ing nice.

    Listen to the song "Todd" by I Voted For Kodos.
    I'm like Todd.
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    You must be playing the game wrong. Read up a little bit on 'Double Your Dating.' Do all of his tips/tricks work? Not necessarilly, and not for every single woman. However what I admire most is his strategy. He observed men who were successful at dating, and then wrote his guide according to their style. You may disagree with his conclusions, but you really can't fault the method.
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    Girls drive mine too.

    Oh, you wrote "me".
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    Apr 27, 2006
    Thanks Keith.
  19. I'm weird, it really depends on the girl - I'm nice to some, and they're not interested, and I'm a dick to others and they are. You really do have to be an ******* to get some as... I'm gonna stop there.

    Failing that, keep this in your wallet/pocket, and whip it out when the going gets tough.


    You WILL get laid.
  20. ha, my approach is "sweet yet @$$holish" in that I'll prettymuch investigate whats up with them and maybe pick at a few details in and sarcasm is definitely useful. lol kinda the same things that work in being a music educator to students of moderate thing I HAVE changed tho is I'm not going to be so free in giving comments, ......general buttering up and @$$ kissing.
    I think she cares about things to SOME degree cuz I remember I met up with her for a cover gig at a local restaurant, and she was a lil pi$$ed about getting stood up to meet and be taken to a party by a friend....she IMed me today and apologized.

    lol I hate relationships, but I'm becoming increasingly aware of my situations with friends, girlfriends, my sights on things.....I'm hoping to get out more to chill in other towns.