Give me some string suggestions!

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  1. Im looking for a set of new bass strings. Heres what I like in a string
    -Flatwound, but not opposed to Groundwounds provided they feel flat enough
    -Mellow tone but with enough bite for a distortion pedal to go well with them
    Im currently using Ken Smith Slick Rounds which I absolutely love. However, i would like to put my feelers out for some new strings.
    I play on a P-Bass with early 90s era fender Pups and this bridge
    4 String KickAss™ Bass Bridge
    Any suggestions welcome!
  2. 30calbass


    Jan 6, 2010
    You will love GHS pressure wound bass strings. GHS makes Ken Smith rounds bass strings, I think. They fell like flats but sound better. Great on my fretless.
  3. Ken Smith Slick Rounds = GHS Brite Flats = Alloy 52 half-rounds (groundwound) = semi-flat in tonal character.
    Ken Smith Compressors = GHS Pressurewounds = Alloy 52 "rollerwound" = semi-round in tonal character.
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  4. Lowend65

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    Sep 21, 2006
    San Jose, CA
    I've been through a lot of these.
    The SIT Silencers are the best ground-wound strings I've played on flat feel but punchy.
    I've moved to D'Addario Tape Wounds which are actually round-wound, but you'd never know with the tape wraps. These are amazing for fretless sound, the muah just jumps off the instrument. I've been running mine hard for over a year and they show no signs of wear
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  5. e-flat


    Jun 15, 2009
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    The SIT Silencers sound great, and I love them on my Jazz Bass... but my set is quite “grabby” which may not suit some players. They got a little smoother after a couple of weeks but still had quite a bit of surface friction. Awesome sound, though.

    GHS Pressurewounds are a good recommendation, as they’re slick & have a clear sound with deep lows. I really love the Bronze Pressurewounds too, but expect a lower output - a very nuanced string though. Bronze = Subtle & Expressive, whereas the stock PW are more forward & agressive.

    Also consider the White Tapewound & Copper Tapewound La Bella’s. Very bright but zero string noise. Smoothest Strings ever.

    And I’ll go ahead and say it... TI Jazz Flats sound great w/ drive. They’re one of the only flats that I like with drive.