For Sale GK 1001 RBII Amp head. In Excellent condition.

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  1. Muzikid


    Oct 13, 2017
    New York
    This is a workhorse amp. 700 watts head and 50 watts for tweeter. This amp is in excellent condition. I originally purchased this as a 210 kickback combo. For me, the combo unit was so low that it was difficult to hear, when playing with a loud band. Then, when I played a little louder, the vibration made the amp roll up right behind me. After speaking about options with GK tech support, I decided to purchase the cover and then slid the amp out of the 210 enclosure to use with larger cabinets.
    It has worked beautifully ever since, particularly with my Epifani cabinets. Very clear and punchy. You can have the 210 enclosure for free, since I cannot use it without the amp. I have upgraded to the GK MB Fusion800.
    You will absolutely love this amp.
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