No longer available GK 1001RB II *MINT*

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    Dec 18, 2009
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    Mint condition GK 1001RB Mark2 up for trade. Works perfect, 100% mint. Has seen minimal use. Willing to trade just the head or the whole rack, depending on the offer. Rack case is brand new, Gator 3 space with a brand new Furman power conditioner with lights.
    Not looking for anything in particular, but very partial to Mesa Subway heads. It does need to be comparable in wattage to the GK. Let’s see what you guys have to offer.
    Thanks for looking!!

    BEFBF82F-E131-4597-B532-B9110C24BC16.jpeg E59D3552-A42A-4935-B84D-55B93E624A0C.jpeg F4D1BFAA-D03C-4E00-AF69-D12BC0FA6A25.jpeg 9F1D0F66-8BC5-4928-8ADE-B92B77BDBB59.jpeg 44F1E53B-4854-4262-A604-2AD202046F76.jpeg
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