GK 115-III neo vs. Mesa 1x15 Scout Bass Radiator

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  1. Has anyone here ever done a comparison between these two cabs?

    I've read that the GK 115-III is very tight, has very forward mids, and (according to some people) may be lacking in the bottom end.

    I've also read that the 1x15 Scout, while it sounds full, can be overpowering or boomy in the low end.

    My current gear is a Musicman Classic Stingray, through either a Mesa Walkabout or a GK MB Fusion 500—and the 15" would probably be used with my 12" Mesa Scout combo. I'm playing mostly blues and blues/rock these days.

    Any opinions?
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    Dec 10, 2009
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    The GK is essentially as described with the following details: It has good (usefully audible) fundamental output down to G - fundamental is weak but still present at F. The lows are more tight than bloomy. A low boost is very effective at bring the lows up. The mid prominence is IME/IMO not as strong as 'very', and can largely be EQ'ed out if desired. If you don't like mids its probably best to stay away. The horn is a good one, but it will reproduce hiss if it is in the signal - it has an effective tweeter level control.

    No direct experience with the Mesa cab, but I have read the same thing. Both descriptions are probably 'ballpark' accurate.