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GK 1200SEB?? anyone heard of it??

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by throbgod13, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. throbgod13


    Mar 26, 2005
    anyone have any experience with the 1200SEB??

    thanks.. :)
  2. JustLuis


    Dec 13, 2005
    Yes, I have owned and used one since 1989. It is a remarkable sounding head. It has built in compressor and limiter, stereo chorus, and is a stereo head.

    It had a major flaw in the power supply circuitry, the very circuits that give it its great sound. It utilises switching MOSFet discreet amplifiers which would occasionally blow. GK was aware of the issues and repaired mine at no cost. It was rather a pain because I sent it back 2x inside one year. The first time they simply replaced the fets and sent it back. Months later, they blew again. I sent it back in and this time they replaced them and also did a mod to the cicuitry and it has been an awesome amp eversince. When I had it in the shop, I rented a 400RB and then an 800RB and HATED them both compared to my 1200SEB. I think the 1200SEB looked much better, too. GK only produced it for a few years and then stopped due to the high cost of production. I think retail was close to $1100. I got it for $750 new as it was a discontinued model.

    I have a pic of my rig with the amp. It is not a very good pic of the amp but it is the only one I have at the moment.


    the control sections from left to right are:
    Input jack 1/4"(with 20db cut switch) (Main Power ON/OFF above jack)
    Volume (red knob)
    Compressor (on/off pushbutton, control knob)
    Low, Mid, High Frequency boost cut
    Low, Low Mid, Hi Mid, High EQ (blue knobs)
    Chorus (on/off pushbutton, 2 control knobs)
    Master (red knob)
    Limiter (on/off pushbutton, control knob)
    Footswitch jack 1/4" (enables compressor, chorus)
    Stereo headphone jack 1/4"

    The back has two std 1/4 jacks for two cabs (non stereo), 1 XLR direct out to the main mixer board and two (L, R) XLR outs that you can send power amps to get stereo, and a built in EFX loop.