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GK-2b or Piezos?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by FCM3, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Hi-
    Thought I'd ask the educated.
    I'm having a bass made and I can either install Piezo's or the internal GK-2b pickup from Roland.
    I'd use either systems to control the Vbass unit (and possibly Midi in the future).Of course get a piezo tone as well.

    The cost is approximately the same for both systems installed and wired, so cost isn't a factor.

    I guess I'm wondering if Piezo are all that and worth it or just stick w/ the GK-2B.
  2. are u saying u can have both for the same price, or the both cost as much, i would go with Piezo, cause form every thing i have heard they track better and u get the Piezo sound.
  3. I'm saying i can either one, either piezo OR GK-2b. Not both.
    As the price of the equipment + install is approx the same (500USD).
    I too am leaning towards piezos, but the addition of the GK-2b is less invasive (albeit visible).
    I've not used piezos before and IMO the GK-2b tracks real well, I get all my playing nuances/dymanics so far, bends, harmonics, fast taps everything.
    So i'm still undecided.
  4. GK-2b is less invasive (albeit visible).
    i dont get what u mean. i thought you will see a thin pickup near the bridge pickup.

    with Piezo's u wount see them and u mite only have one more knob added to ur bass, and u dont all ways have to use them.pluse it will give u one more sound and it tracks just as good.

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