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GK 700rb question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Jedicazador, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. I have looking silently here for quiet sometime so much info and opinions from very experienced people. So maybe y'all can help a fella out.
    I'm fairly new to playing I will try to give ya as much info about my gear and playing. I got my son a 06 MIM Fender jazz the diamond edition along with a line 6 LD150 years ago when they were new to the market he played for a few months in the school band but it sat unused for years. Our church bassist left the band and I asked if I could fill in and practice with em well after the 1st practice they said dude your ready I chickened out that Sunday morning but have played with em since.
    Now I have fender American p bass to go with it as well. I am trying hard to cut through the mix with these boys one guitar player has 100w 5150 Marshall and a full stack the other same head and half stack little ole me with my crappy sounding line 6.
    My ? Is what's the difference between GK 700rb and gk 700 mark 2? I hearing a ton of people comment on the GK "growl" made me wander that direction. I get all giddy when I hit that low C on my jazz and it just growls away if I could get more of that my wife would be a very happy woman if ya get me! Was considering this Gallien-Krueger 700RB Biamp Stack Package | Musician's Friend
    But I noticed it's not the mark 2.
    Any other considerations would be appreciated thanks
  2. That is confusing, the 700RB (I) and the RBS cabs have been obsolete and out of production for some time now. RBH cabs are still produced.

    The 700RB II has more power output, better cooling and improvements to the preamp.
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  3. will33


    May 22, 2006

    Make sure whatever you're getting is the mark II.

    Also, your "full stack" guitar player needs to lose 1/2 his stack. :)
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  4. Thanks for the replies I really don't know what to get at this point it's really all foreign to me I just like to play. I figure getting something somewhere will open doors as to what appeals to me. I was at GC the other eve with my wife they had an Ampeg SVT classic Used for a grand, loved the way it sounded and played but really too much amp for me I really couldn't turn it up to 2 and way too heavy I like what I'm reading about GK guess I'm gonna have to do some more detective work
  5. I'm sorry, these guys are using these huge amps in church?
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  7. Not every Sunday but when we do benefit concert or such yes
    Thanks B string
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  8. Forgot to add, that is a Pro level rig and together only weighs about 55 lbs!
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  9. A big serious THANKS for your help B string maybe you can enlighten me a little about that 500 fusion. I have been doing a lot of research on it seems like they are just what I want however I can't find info about an input jack to plug my iPod in to play along practicing do you know if there is one?
    And the head is 500w but the cab you suggest is 600 w is that a problem? Will I be able to add cabs to this in the future?
    And I did talk with musicians friend about the link I posted and they said it was a discontinued item that they haven't removed from their web page...go figure lol
  10. It's not officially accepted, but if you plug an MP3 player into the effects send it will work in every case so far.
    The amp outputs the wattage, so as long as you don't output more power than the cab can accept (rated for) they will work very well. With one 8 ohm cab the amp is 350 watts IIRC and you can add a second 8 ohm cab for a total 4 ohm load (no lower, that is the minimum load) and get the ability of 500 watts. The power output at 8 and 4 ohm being different is a pretty standard across the SS industry (with some exceptions).
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  11. Thanks so much!
  12. will33


    May 22, 2006
    B-strings links make a nice rig and a good deal. Take advantage of modern tech and get a rig that'll handle most gigs, match volume with a loud drummer while keeping good tone without having to move a back-breaker of a stack.

    A standard 700rb-II, good condition used, could save another $200-300. They're not featherweights like the new stuff but not heavy at all. I find most of the hassle transporting gear is bulky, heavy cabinets, not the amp.

    Though the full tube pre of the Fusion, along with the product support/warranty that comes with a new product is appealing.

    GK is among the best in the business as far as reliability/longevity. Mine are from the late '80's/early '90's. I still have no reason to get another amp. They refuse to stop working, and still sound good every time.

    Their default sound, depending on how you adjust them, could be described as either cleaner/deeper/more crisp...or more punchy/growly/aggresive as compared to the ampeg you tried, but a twist of a knob or two can warm them up and put them in that neighborhood.

    There's nothing quite like playing a big, full tube amp turned up, but it's the next best thing and pro gear through and through.
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  13. will33


    May 22, 2006
    Basically, if you can't get a good sound out of it, it ain't the gear's fault. :)
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  14. tbirdsp


    Sep 18, 2012
    Omaha, NE
    B-string - I assume that's a typo and you meant the effects return? :)
  15. No, If you plug into the effects return all you will hear is the MP3, the bass and preamp will be disconnected from the power amp. :)
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  16. What do you think about the mtb fusion 800? I kinda like the the push button that lights up but wonder if it's a bit much?
  17. I think the MB Fusion 800 would be dangerous in un-seasoned hands. That little dude is a speaker killer if you are not used to controlling temptations. ;)
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  18. I definitely don't have seasoned hands when it comes to playing music, thanks for the wisdom

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