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GK 700RB -- Wow!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ajb, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. ajb


    Mar 20, 2005
    I just bought this head over the weekend after being blown away by it at rehearsal (it was the backline amp at the studio I rehearsed at). With my Stingray 5 it sounded awesome, thunderous lows and crisp highs and volume to spare. Does anyone else think that this head kicks ass? Especially for the money, I bought it for 599$ at GC.
  2. opivy3056

    opivy3056 stardust in a light beam

    Oct 14, 2004
    San Diego
    Mine is essential to my tone.

    Ill use it til it breaks, (which i doubt will be in the next decade or so).
  3. +1

    No doubt brother! I just completed my full stack and added a 210 SBX-II to my 700RB-II and 115 SBX, and I had the rafters shaking today! I love how I can get a good rock sound from my Spectors and then plug in my old Ibanez fretless, and dial in a sweet mwah sound from the same amp.
  4. Sippy


    Aug 1, 2005
    It may not be a 700RB... but I LOVE my 800RB... and the GKs are built like tanks.
  5. ajb


    Mar 20, 2005
    Alright, time for an update. Got home from work and played through the 700 RB-II for about an hour. I am truly amazed by this amp's combination of brute low end and grinding high end.

    I have to admit, before playing this amp at rehearsal I looked down my nose at GK. I was a gear whore and worse yet, a gear snob -- but no longer! I am still reeling from how well this amp performed against a loud drummer and keyboard. This thing just gets the job done, period. It puts many high end amps that I've tried to shame.

    Alright, I'm done wanking about this amp. Feel free to wank on.
  6. I love my 700RB paided with my SR5 and my eden 112.

    It absolutely rocks!
  7. kinclune


    Nov 27, 2005
    For those who use the 700 RB II, what cabs do you use? Anybody use GK 410 or 210 RBH or RBS? What do you think?
  8. zac2944


    Dec 28, 2004
    Rochester, NY
    Good for you. But do you know that you could have gotten the 1001RB-II for that price?

    Regardless, you have a good amp and you like it. I'm happy for you. I use a 1001 and like it alot. Gobs of power, easy to use, good tone, and it's pretty light.

    I run mine through a Schroeder 1212. I almost always have PA support and have never needed more power or volume on stage.
  9. Milky Pisswit

    Milky Pisswit

    Nov 29, 2005
    New Zealand
    Yup. Running a GK 410RBS and a GK 115RBS through mine, and it's a stompy litte beast! Have wondered about my choice of cabs however, they're basically the SBX series without the horns and are now a discontinued GK product.

    Picked the whole rig up for quite a score though. Got a 35% discount on GK gear through my local dealer, so it put a rig that was previously out of my price range into a level that was wife acceptable ;)

    I've been blown away by the flexibility of the 700RBII though. It's a very versatile wee package that's just screaming out to kick a$$...
  10. ajb


    Mar 20, 2005
    The bastards! I thought I was being clever by telling the GC guy that I saw the amp on sale at Musician's Friend for $599 (which I did, and which I thought was ridiculously low). I was robbed!

    Seriously, how in the world is GK selling these things for so cheap? And before anyone gets offended and says that $599 is a lot of money (which it is) I mean comparatively cheap. The 700RB-II, in my estimation, performs as well as any other amp out there, at any price. Strong words, I know, but you have to play through one to know that I speak the truth.
  11. Luke Sheridan

    Luke Sheridan Commercial User

    Dec 30, 2004
    Yonkers, NY
    I build guitars and sell them. Strings, too
    I got my 1001RB-II for that price as well. But even if I paid GC's price, I'd still be happy. This amp sounds amazing! I've paired it with a DBX160-A and a Schroeder 410. It just rocks. Likewise, the mwah is there as well is the grind and the thump
  12. ...and still american made.
  13. I got my 700RB at the start of the year and am wrapped with it too! My previous amp was an ancient Fender BXR 400, rock solid and indestructable, but I never noticed the natural "fuzz" it had...
    Plugged the GK into my same old cabinets and was shocked at what the term "hi-fidelity sound" actually meant!! They kick ass, when I upgrade in a few years I am sure it'll be more GK..
  14. jbassbob


    Mar 21, 2005
    Boise ID
    Having gotten back into playing again after many years, I picked up a used Ampeg B100-R just to noodle with. I really liked it. Then I joined this forum and started reading about all the cool stuff... I got GAS. I picked a used GK 400RBIII and Bag End S15-D. Then followed an S12-D and an Eden WT400. To make a long story short, I A-B'd everything to death and when the smoke cleared decided to sell the Ampeg, the 12 and Eden. I can get the sounds of the others on the GK but was unable to make the Ampeg or the Eden sound like the GK. I just play with a few buds now and then and this little rig can be as bright, thumpy or GROWLY as I like. No more GAS... for now :smug:
  15. dave120


    Jun 27, 2005
    Central Florida
    I LOVE my 1001RB-II! No amp I've ever tried can stand up to a loud drummer and 2 distorted guitars with half stacks as well as this little box. MASSIVE headroom. I practice at volume 1.5 and at shows I've never gone over 3, without PA support, and that was in a BIG room. I really don't think I'll ever need to buy another amp, especially if it holds up to GK's long running reputation for reliability. It's pretty amazing what sounds you can dial in with the EQ also. Can sound warm and smooth and go all the way up to punchy and gritty, which is where I usually play at in my rock band and where this amp really shines. It's no wonder so many professional artists use these things.
  16. this is off topic, but can anybody here give a comparison with a 700RBII to a yorkville XS400 head? differences/pros/cons over each other? i'm trying to figure out if i should get the yorkie, the GK, carvin B or an ashdown MAG series for a head. im startin to think my electric blue combo isnt doing it for my sound, but the MAG could be better
  17. fabubass


    Jan 13, 2006
    I just bought a new Gk 700-RBII head at Guitar center in Ft. Lauderdale after bringing back a Hartke 3500a to Sam Ash twice. Second time, I asked them for a full refund.
    I am going to use the Gk for the first time tonight. I bought it after reading glorious reviews on this forum and other places. What kind of speakers are you using. Right now, I will be using a Hartke 410 Transporter and a Hartke 410 Xl along with Massive PA support (in our band, The Fabulons, everything is miked and lined out)
    Thanks a lot guys (and gals)

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