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  1. Ok boys and girls one last question before I jump in. I have two new Traynor cabs. I have a 115(8ohm,400watts) and a 4x10(8ohm,800watts). The bass head I have doesn't seem to have enough power for these cabs to run together. It is a Traynor YBA-3(130 watts, tube). I have read review after review after review and have narrowed my choice. Since I'm not indepedantly wealthy, but still like quality, I have migrated to GK amps. Will the 700rbII have enough power for these two cabs to run together? The 800rb? I know the ohm stuff, but the cab watt ratings confuse me. Please help me with my lack of understanding. The farty sound I get with my cabs now is driving me nuts!!! Thanks for your time!
  2. Shout out to a fellow Canuck!! So the 2 cabs together run at 4 Ohms, you say you understand that I am just making sure. Gallien-Krueger is very good gear and you won't be disappointed with them as your choice. The 700RBII is a nice head it will pump 480 Watts @ 4 Ohms, that is 240 to each cab. The 800Rb is only 300 Watts @ 4 Ohms. The 1001RBII is 700 Watts @ 4 Ohms, 350 to each cab. This would be an acceptable set up, but even with the 700RBII your 1x15 is taking to much and your 4x10 isn't getting enough.

    One thing I am wondering about, since the 1x15 can only handle 1/2 the Wattage that the 4x10 can, are you pushing it too hard and causing it to fart? Or is it simply that your current head cannot push enough and is clipping in a bad way?

    I keep thinking about the 400 Watt capacity of the 1x15 ... this solution would not be the cheapest, but it just might be the best. Rewire the 4x10 to be 4 Ohms by itself. Get another 1x15 @ 8 Ohms. Buy the G-K 2001RB hit your 3 cabs with a total of 740 watts, that's 370 @ 4 Ohms per side/channel. The 4x10 will get a full 370 Watts, and the 1x15's will each get 185 Watts. I was once told (by a cabinet designer) that speakers extrude (move the most they can) at 1/2 the rated Wattage RMS. This means that you can absolutely destroy everything in the surrounding area and never have to worry about damaging your speakers. I hope I helped you with your question. All the best.

    P.S. Feel free to PM me if you have anymore questions, I don't know everything but I am more than happy to learn and help out in anyway I can along the way.
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    Your two 8 ohm cabs create a 4 ohm load on the amp.

    The 700 RB puts out 480 W at 4 ohm.

    The 800 RB puts out 300 W at 4 ohm.
  4. Both amps will have the power. I run a G-K NEO 412 (1200 watt cab) with my 800rb flawlessly. The guys I know running a 410 and 115 with a 700rb (both 8 ohm G-K SBX) are very pleased with them, the cabs combined would handle 800 watts for a couple of them, 1200 for the others (400 watt 115, 800 watt 410).
    Neither cab should "draw" a great deal more than the other unless the impedance is miss-matched (4 ohm and 8 ohm). I'm reasonably sure I'm only using 150-225 watts that I have avalible to me (the power output of the amp is controlled by the user, like by the master volume).
  5. B-string, that was my point. You are never going to hurt a speaker by not pumping enough into it, but you should not be pumping the same amount of juice into a speaker that can only handle 1/2 of what the other cab can. Sure I could have taken more time and tried to find a less complex/wordy explanation, but I was trying to help Dallas with his current problem. Cheers.
  6. Just incase...... I was not presenting an agrument, just my experience.
    To many people worry about the rating (watts) numbers between heads and cabs. One resent example is a fellow that though he needed to run 2 400 watt heads into one 800 watt cab.
    Just trying to make it clear the amp supplies the power, the speakers use what you send to them, if it's 50 watts or 400 watts. Yes if you pump 900 watts into two cabs that handle 400 and the other 800 watts, the 400 watt cab may suffer the dinner bell :)