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GK 800RB & Aguilar DB112's

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jhfishn, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. jhfishn

    jhfishn Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2004
    Mays Landing, NJ
    Well now .... I don't think I've ever started a post in This section but I feel I have to after this most recent turn of events and maybe even see what other combinations are out there.

    I got my first (notice ... First ...of 3 :D ) GK 800RB amps back in 1985 while stationed in Seatlle in Navy Band Seattle from Bass Northwest.

    I carried that thing all over the country with me and even took it to gigs outside the country when assigned by the Navy and it never failed ... Not even once!

    I paired it with a Mesa 115, Acoustic 301 with Bose for highs, a Fender with 4-12's, eventually another Mesa 115 with a 410, original SWR cloth front 410 Goliath and finally the Eden 410's.... and it was huge.

    Well i got the bug to try different things since I wasn' enamored with any 1 particular cabinet with the exception of the SWR and Eden which back then were really the same.

    I settled on the Eden with matching WT800 amp and used it for years.

    I kind of got bugged at them during the transition because their support pretty much ... How shall I put this .... Sucked? Yeah ... That sums it up. I've heard that's changed for the better tad that's a good thing. I loved them under the David Nordschow regime.

    Anyway .... I went with Aguilar which took a bit of getting used to and with the advice of a friend ... I stopped trying to get them to sound like Eden and wow ... He was right. Once I gave it the chance to sound like they were made to sound they opened up!

    I have an AG500 with 2 DB112's and they are superb.

    My AG500 is in the shop getting A well needed tune up and I was without an amp so I went to the tried and true Talkbass and found a beautiful GK800RB in immaculate condition and a terrific price and was treated extremely well by the TB'er that sold it to me.

    Now ... 2 gigs later and I am floored by how fat, full ranged, clear and just downright musical the GK/Aguilar combination is!

    I did a showroom gig at a PAC center and then a big band gig at the same location. There was PA support but it was minimal and really they really went for a stage volume vibe.

    Not only did this cut through with all the clarity, punch and warmth you could ask for, the horn players even commented on how nice the amp sound and they could hear it clearly on the other side of the stage.

    Big band horn players can be quite finicky so this was a huge plus.

    The drummer said this combination was warm and clear and more musical thani my normal rig and he's been working with me since 1995. If anyone is going to know what my rig sounds like other than me it would be him

    At any rate .... This is a winning ,combination and I wonder how many other folks are using o called mismatched setups but getting a great sound.

    Yeah .... This is a bit long but what the heck .. It's just for fun.

    But just for clarity ... I am talking about a GK 800RB with 2 Aguilar DB112's. By the way, these cabinets are absolutely superb!

    Don't get me wrong. The DB112's and the AG500 sound great too. I am just really digging the new tonal option I've stumbled on.

    I guess when you talk GK or Aguilar you really can't go wrong. I know some would disagree but I love the Aggie cabinets and always dug my GK amp back in the day. How can an amp designed back in the 80's still sound so darned good! Some makers are still in business from back then but do they still have that something special?

    Anyway .... My 2 cents on this and hope we can stir up some talk about mix and match rigs. It would be nice to learn of other combinations out there that I would have never thought of. :D
  2. musicman666


    Sep 11, 2011
    I totally agree! Sometimes at the studio I get to use my friends 800 RB through my Ampeg 810 and it sounds amazing! Hate to say it but almost better than my CL! I have always liked the tone of GK amps through other brand cabs, or other brand amps through GK cabs.
  3. AdamR

    AdamR Supporting Member

    Sep 24, 2007
    Bethel CT
    You cant go wrong with an 800RB. I think the 80HZ roll off really keeps it clear.
  4. Cabs I used my 800RB with?
    ACC 215 w/D140F's or 421A's
    Single Fender Showman w/421A
    TL606 cabs w/EVs
    TL606 w/Emi 3015's
    Peavey 215D BW loaded
    Straight back Ampeg 810
    Couple different Ampeg and Hartke 410's
    Sunn 215
    That's all I can remember this AM. Number of combos that didn't sound darn good zero.

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