GK 800RB Repair in SoCal?

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  1. I've got a GK 800RB that needs some work. The head is working but after opening it up it looks like it may have had some heat issues in the past.

    I live in Redondo Beach and the GK site lists AMPWERX REPAIR in Long Beach as the nearest Service Center. The AMPWERX website doesn't say anything about them being a GK Service Center. Anybody had their gear worked on by these guys?

    Also, how hard is it to find the stock side covers? This one has the the full rack mount sides on it. How about replacement feet? Does GK sell them?

    Hey! Thanks alot!
  2. scuz

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    Isn't the GK headquarters in SoCal? Also check out the forums at www.gallien.com cuz there's probably something up there about this already.
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    Jim Foot runs a shop just west of Guitar Center on Artesia in a little mini mall - can't recall the name of his shop, PM me if you want me to find it. He does very solid work at a reasonable price but is always backlogged, so if you can afford being without the amp for 6 weeks or so, ....

    I've been to Ampwerx, too, it's a one-man shop in the back of a music store. I had the guy install a switch so I could run a cab at either 2 or 8 ohm. That worked out fine, and you won't be without your amp for an undue amount of time. But I can't say one way or the other about "recommending" him since that was my only experience with him, although I'd bring my amp to him if, knock on wood, anything happened (and he is authorized by Eden as well).
  4. "Isn't the GK headquarters in SoCal?"

    No, it is in NorCal.

    "Also check out the forums at www.gallien.com"

    Will do. Just signed up.

    "shop just west of Guitar Center on Artesia"

    I went in there the other day just to have a look around. I was a little put off by the mess. Maybe I'll check it out one of these days, but I'm not going to start with the 800RB. Thanks for the feedback though.

    What's going on in Pedro? I lived over in Point Fermin for a couple of months when I first moved over here.
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    I went to Futara (?) electronics in Orange and had my amp serviced. He did a great job and had it back to me in about 4 days.