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GK 810SBX for death metal

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by PanteraFan, May 17, 2005.

  1. So I'm getting rid of my Peaveys(410TVX and 115BXBW) over summer and buying an 8x10. I was originally going to get a Mesa but after playing one and seeing the price tag they aren't worth it. The Megoliath was nice but wasn't present enough in the mix to keep up with the detuned guitars, leaving me with the choice of Peavey, Ampeg, EBS or GK. I'd love an EBS 8x10 but they're mega expensive, I'd like an upgrade from Peavey, Ampeg are OK but I'd like something a bit more articulate, which leads me to GK.

    The 810SBX is fairly inexpensive(slightly cheaper than an SVT810E), and seems to compete very well with the Ampeg on paper(sealed cab, bigger range of frequrency response), but I can't find any reviews on it anywhere.

    What I'm after is punch and definition with a little bottom end, not too much(tune to Bb) and some nice growl, an aggressive tone where needed. I use bass distortion and a slew of other FX which are pretty clear through my Peaveys, and I guess with the GK ethos they'd be as good(probably better) through the SBX.

    I'll be hitting it with a PSA-1 preamp and a bridged QSC RMX1450, and a couple of Spectors.
  2. The GK is a ported cab so it will sound different from the Ampeg. There arent many reviews I've found but there was one on here a while ago that turned good results in a hardcore band. If you're shopping for a big cab and need the bottom end for Bb tuning look at 4x12 cabs too. I know Mesa, Aguilar, and GK make them.
  3. kringle77

    kringle77 Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2004
    Massena NY
    Actually, the GK 8x10 is sealed like the ampeg.
  4. The 810SBX is a sealed cabinet. Users are The Ataris, Story Of The Year, Burden Brothers, Laidlaw. All hard rock/punk bands. Laidlaw is southern rock I guess. The GK Neo 412 has a stronger midrange and cuts through really well. The 810SBX has a touch more of a scooped mid sound with a fat lowend. It has really nice articulation and includes a horn so you can get as much highend as you want. Neo 412 users are Megadeth, Tears For Fears, Avenged Sevenfold, Velvet Revolver.
  5. I'll be turning the horn off anyway, they don't like my distortion sound.

    The Neo 412 is about the same money as the 810 here in the UK, never considered that cab. I'll see if I can find one in a store somewhere.
  6. OK, I went to a GK dealer today aiming to try the 810 but unfortunately they didn't have one in. They did have the 412Neo which was very, very nice, but the tone was a bit too honky for me. Loud though.

    They did have the SVT810E, which I tried. I didn't want to like this cab as everyone has one but I did, I thought it was quite loud and had the punch I wanted, and enough articulation in the top end for me. I'd be happy with this cab. I was using an SWR 350x for all tests and the SVT got plenty loud with only 350W, so with 1400W fro a bridged QSC it will destory. However the GK seems like a comparable cab and is cheaper, what are the differences tonally between the GK and the Ampeg? I'm guessing the GK will have a bit more low end, the tweeter obviously, and be a bit more sterile(not necessarily a bad thing) and clinical, but warmer than the Neo412.
  7. Tash


    Feb 13, 2005
    Bel Air Maryland
    What exactly do you mean by honky? What did you not like about the 412 Neo's tone? I'm thinking of getting one of these, or more likely a 112 and a 115 for my next rig. I play in a melodic black metal band, but use no effects.

    I'd just like some input since I can't try any cabs where I live.
  8. Hey, this may be a but off topic, but how much are you wanting for your cabs? i may be interested in buying one (not sure if i want the variance of the 1x15 or to stick with a 4x10)

    I was thinking about looking at ampeg or other such cabs, but i could always just get another peavey and have a full stack :)

    ( a friend of mine has family in manchester (maclesfield, sp?) , so picking up shouldnt be a problem ), thats when/if they are for sale of course :)
  9. I found the mids on the Neo to be very present and not smooth enough, I prefer more of a gentler mid sound and the Neo sounded a little nasal?

    I'll be selling both cabs for £300 or £200 each, not for 6 weeks to a month as I need to get a job to pay for the new cab. The cabs aren't near Manchester they're in Dewsbury nr. Wakefield in Yorkshire as that's where my band room is.
  10. I've just seen the 810SBX for £699, £200 cheaper than any Ampeg for a similar sound, with more articulation. I'm going with the 810SBX, just need to get the necessary job!

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