GK backline 250 vs. ampeg ba115

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  1. ok heres the deal: i currently have a ampeg BA115 combo. i was wondering if it would be a smart move to go for a GK backline 250 head & getting a 2x10 or a maybe a 4x10 cab. keep in mind i have a warwick & like the growl of it when i slap. what im looking for is something a little better suited for slap & i was wondering if going with the half stack setup would help out my tone?
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    I have a GK Backline 250 and I suggest you look for something with more power and and the ability to drive at 4 ohms - like the 400RB-IV or the 700RB-II.
    The GK is clean and growly - but I dont know if you will like it after an Ampeg, so I also recommend: go and try one.
    And yeah watch out for used stuff
  3. aight thanks!
  4. The 410BLX does not have a horn in it. You should maybe consider the 210SBX or the 410SBX for a better slap tone.
  5. Yeah, I use an Ampeg B2R and 2 GK 410BLX's and kinda wish Id have gone with the horns (410SBX'x) too....Im happy with the rig save for the fact it could be "slappier"! Haha!