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GK bi-amp cable question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Anarchyok, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Need a little clarification or confirmation I'm doing it right!

    I have a Fusion 550, MB Fusion, and a pair of Neo 212s...

    Now, when I'm using Fusion 550 into Neo 212s, I run in bi-amp mode, with supplied 4 conductor cable, Neo cab in bi-amp mode. All good...

    With the MB Fusion, without bi-amp capability, I'm switching the cabs to full range so I can still have the tweeter working. My question is...am I still ok to use the 4 conductor cable? I've seen yes to this here, but in the manual it says "you may use a standard 2 conductor speakon for full range."

    Is it a "may" or "must"?
  2. It is a definite may use. The 2+,2- just goes no where with the MB Fusion, the connector is a 4 pole in the MB with 2+,2- unused. :)
  3. I haven't seen how the 1/4 and speakon jacks look internally, but obviously the 2+,2- don't interfere with the 1/4 jack tabs?
  4. The 1/4" and 1+,1- are connected directly in the cabs. The switch (Bi-amp/Full range) switches the crossover, L-pad and horn from the 1/4" 1+,1- to connect the horn directly to the 2+,2-.
  5. Sorry I was referring to the combo jacks on back of me fusion head, where the 2+,2- and 1/4 share the same region of the jack.
  6. The 1/4" and 1+,1- are directly connected in the amp head. The 2+,2- have no connection in the MB heads, in the Fusion 550 the same except the 2+,2- are connected to the horn amp.
  7. Cheers for the info - I'm still not explaining myself clearly...must be my flu.

    My thoughts are with the 4 pin cable, that the 2+,2- are on the centre shaft of it. That is also where the 1/4 connections are on the combo speakon output on the back of the mb fusion. Obviously its engineered so the connections for a 1/4 in the centre of the speakon can't be confused with a 2+,2- section of a 4 pin speakon cable.
  8. Ah now I see your question. The speakon connections should be sufficiently shielded/clearanced from the 1/4" in the amps connector.
  9. I had a good look inside one after posting yesterday and see what you mean. We got there in the end! Hahah thanks!
  10. No trouble ;)

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