GK cab selection

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  1. m0ntels


    Jan 20, 2011
    Quakertown, PA
    I should be getting a MB500 soon and I'll be needing a cab to go with it. This weekend I was A/B-ing a MB115 combo and a 700RB through a 410 Neo to see if I liked the sound of 10s or 15s better. First I liked the 115, but as I turned up, it just started to sound too loose. The 410 seemed to get tighter and clearer as I turned it up and just had a nice punchy sound that seemed like it would cut through nicely.

    At this point I'm thinking I want a 410MBE cab because it's the same drivers as the Neo, but $150 cheaper and about 20 lbs lighter and I wont be biamping to take advantage of the Neo cab. I know the box is a little smaller, but I'm fine giving up a hair on sound for a significant weight and $ savings. Nobody seems to have a MBE cab around for me to try otherwise, but they seems to get good reviews on here.

    I just want to see if anyone wants to talk me out of the MBE or a 410 (thinking of going 8 ohm btw) I'm thinking this should have me covered in just about any band situation and be easily portable. I'll be doing mostly rock and pop on a 4 string PJ w/ flats, just garage playing for now, but I do want a giggable rig. Any advice will be appreciated, thanks!