SOLD GK-Gallien Krueger 700RB II Combo & Neo 112 Cabinet

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    Hi All,

    Now here is an interesting and practical rig!
    The 700RB II Neo Combo - 112 + Tweeter AND it's perfect mate the first series Neo 112 + Tweeter Cabinet.

    Got a smaller/medium gig? Just bring the Combo.
    Bigger gig? Grab the Neo 112 for a nice stack. HUGE volume and low end!
    Both stacked is 36" tall x 20 1/2" wide x 16" deep.
    380 wats as an 8 ohm combo, 480 as a 4 ohm pair

    Working perfectly with one small exception.
    The bi-amp tweeter knob on the head that controls the tweeter level in the combo cabinet does not work. The tweeter in the cabinet is 100% fine. The potentiometer can be replaced and it will function fine.
    The full range out to the Neo 112 extension cab will provide all the tweeter one could ask for frankly. I'm not a tweeter guy so I never bothered having it repaired. If I needed tweet - I'd add it in the extension.... but that was rare.

    Both Cabinets work 100%! The head works 99.9% with the exception of the bi-amp tweeter control.
    This is a very, very nice price on this rig!

    I'm willing to ship - PM for an exact quote. I'll keep it as inexpensive as possible.... It'd ship in 2 boxes, well packed & insured.

    I'm in Central VA but get all around the state for work including DC & Maryland... so a meetup relatively painless.

    Just let me know if you have any questions at all.

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    Very Nice!
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