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  1. nirvanafan13


    Apr 14, 2000
    Austin, TX
    I love GK tone and finially have enough to get either a GK cab or head.... i don't know if i am going to anytime in the near future, but i am a bit confused..... On the 700RB, it has about 260/50 watts (260 for low end, 50 for tweeter).... i have looked at the specs on the site and front and back panels..... would it be possible for me to hook up a 700RB head to a 210 cab AND a 15" cab ??? THe outputs seem to say no, but that sounds kinda crazy to me... i mean, is it only possible to hook up to ONE cabinet? anyone who owns or has played GK equipment, please help me out with this one!

    THanks so much,
  2. GK's website says that the 700RB is for use with bi-ampable (sp?) cabs.

    To do the 1x15 + 2x10 set up you need the older 800rb. (300W into 4ohms for lows, 100W into 8ohms for highs).
  3. Yeah, I don't know the gear too well, but my impression with the GK biamp combos is that you can bi-amp the highs to the tweeter and lows to the woofer(s) when you are just using the combo, but then you can add another cab and send the highs to the combo and lows to the ext. cab.
  4. jamminji


    Mar 22, 2002
    I believe that the 700 has 2 amps the low (380watts max) amp which has a 4 ohm minimum. The smaller amp, 50watts, is at 8 ohms minimum. So with that in mind you can hook up as many cabs that you want, as lomg as the resiulting combined ohmage is at or above the minimun. So, In your case if the 2 cabs you mentioned are both 8 ohm then you could run them in parrallel (4 ohm) into the 380 watt amp. Or you could run one into the 380 watt side and the other into the 50 watt side. With those cabs your best configuration would be a 4 ohm 1-15, that can handle at least 380watts, into the 380watt amp. and an 8ohm 2-10 cab that can handle more the 50 watts.

    So... bnottom line is...It all depends on the cabinet ohm ratings.

  5. As long as your woofer section is 4 ohms or 8 ohms total your fine.

    GK defines bi amping as spliting the signal at the tweeter crossover point. Unless you get the RB 2000 with can split at any frequency between 100HZ and 1KHZ.

    example you can have 2 8ohm cabs against that amp. If you buy GK cabinets you get the real advantage of the 50watt amp for the tweeter. I love the RB700 combo and its easy to stick a 15 under it when you need more push.
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