GK MB Fusion 500 Micro Bass Head With Ampeg SVT 8x10

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  1. Have a chance for this cabinet at a great price. Won't have funds for any more gear purchases for a few months. Until then, anyone have any experience with the above mentioned paired together ? I LOVE the head with my MB 410. Just wondering how the GK and Ampeg will sound...
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    Feb 13, 2008
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    I run the MB800 Fusion through an Ampeg 810. It's nasty. The only other cab I'd get is a Gk Neo 412, or a Greenboy 1515/66
  3. I was actually getting ready for the GK 412, but then the Ampeg 810 deal came along. Can you describe the overall tone (old school, hi-fi, somewhere in between) ?
  4. AciDBatH666


    Feb 13, 2008
    Lafayette, LA
    Well I was going to go with the 12s because it's just got a different kind of bite that I've read. I'm not dead set on 10s, I've just preferred em for so long that I was looking for something a little different. Plus I read that the 412 is actually easier to move around than an 810 and is fairly comparable in volume. I can't really say what the tone differences with the 12s, I've only really read that people that went with them loved the cab.

    The Greenboy 1515/66 is also easier and lighter to move around when compared to the 810, and the clarity is supposed to be light years from it.
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    Aug 27, 2011
    I have played the MB Fusion and an MB200 through a pair of svt210AVs quite a lot, and occasionally an svt15e. I've also messed around with an MB200 through an svt810 at a local GC. IME GK micro heads sound VERY good through Ampeg cabs. (I liked all of them better than the GK Neo 212 I had for a bit.) The sound is somewhere between hifi and old school. The sealed 10s tame the extreme highs and lows while giving a nice mid punchy growl that balances the somewhat inherent "modern" scoop of the GK.

    So yeah, I think it would be a great pairing. I like an old school sound with a little touch of modern tight response, so YMMV.
  6. Your experience was kind of what I was hoping to hear. I'm excited to get it and try it out !
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    Feb 13, 2008
    Lafayette, LA
    Yeah I guess I forgot that my Ampeg has no tweeters, and even on my SWR 410 I cut the tweeter off. The sealed cab and lack of a tweeter really give it its sound.
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    Ive had both the ampeg 810 and now have the neo 412. The 412 pushes more low end, its lighter and its easier to move,​
  9. Can't speak to the Fusion but I love my MB500 through an Ampeg 810. It's a good match for rock and roll. Very tight and punchy with a nicely grindy midrange.
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