SOLD GK MB Fusion 500 with two Neo 112 II Cabs

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    Nov 5, 2005
    Very good condition MB Fusion 500 with two Neo 112 II Cabs. Cabs have a few light scuffs, but nothing major, and nothing down to the wood anywhere. Always covered when transported. Tweeters and attenuators work fine. No issues with the amp, other than the input gain switch sometimes sticks.
    Price includes amp and both cabs. I bought the cabs new a few years back, and the amp used from here on the TB classifieds. This setup has been great for me, but the gig I was using this for dried up at the end of last year (along with all my other gigs a couple months later), so maybe someone else can get some use out of it. These cabs new are $649 each.

    I could ship it, as I have the original boxes for the cabs, but the buyer would be responsible for all shipping costs. I'd prefer a local cash sale, and am willing to drive up to an hour from the Worcester MA area to meet up.

    NO TRADES PLEASE, I have no use now for the stuff I have, don't need more. Thanks for looking!

    IMG_1179.jpg IMG_1180.jpg IMG_1181.jpg IMG_1177.jpg IMG_1182.jpg IMG_1178.jpg IMG_1183.jpg IMG_1184.jpg
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    Man, I know this has only been listed for a day, but how is it still here? This seems like an awesome deal. I have the amp and it is my favorite.
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  3. Wow! that's an incredible deal. GLWTS.
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    PM sent.
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    Dec 6, 2015
    Oh man
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    (Local) PM sent
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    Killer rig. GLWTS
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