SOLD GK MB Fusion 500

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    356103C3-403E-4A02-A3E8-EEC035FDD3DD.jpeg 13C57F2E-5075-4B24-A30E-0B7DB2D42249.jpeg BFB2ECD1-120E-436C-8BED-5EB4C65AA859.jpeg 356103C3-403E-4A02-A3E8-EEC035FDD3DD.jpeg 356103C3-403E-4A02-A3E8-EEC035FDD3DD.jpeg 13C57F2E-5075-4B24-A30E-0B7DB2D42249.jpeg 4723AE24-9EC0-4046-9CED-54AB984B7BEC.jpeg For sale only GK Fusion 500 with gig bag, power cord, paperwork and footswitch. I am the original owner of the head and it was purchased April of last year. Head is in great shape and has spent the majority of its life in its bag as a backup. $500 shipped PayPal and CONUS please. Thanks for looking!

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