SOLD GK MB150S-III Microbass combo for sale/trade

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  1. PRICE - $300 US + shipping

    I just got this cool little amp in a trade, but it's not quite powerful enough for my 'small' gigs. It's in great shape, with the only issue being the blue 'power' LED does not work. The LED goes red for 5 seconds as the amp powers up, but does not turn blue after like it should. The amp still functions perfectly in all other respects and the casing is in great shape with only minor scratching.

    Pics can come soon if requested, but it looks like every other MB150S-III.

    I'm asking $350 US + shipping but I'd rather trade for a small, powerful head (I can add cash as necessary):

    -GK MB2-500
    -Markbass F1 or Little Mark
    -AI Focus
    -Eden WT
    -other options??

    Thanks TB!
  2. I pm'ed you.
  3. Deal pending...
  4. Money sent via Paypal.
  5. Amp shipped today...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.