GK MB2 500...SWEET!!

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    Nov 10, 2008
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    So, I've been using a Fender 100W Rumble combo amp for our "acoustic" shows we do during the week(my band plays every weekend and we do "acoustic" shows every Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday). I've always hated it and thought it sounded like crap, but it was cheap and it had casters, so i just used it. Then I decided that a new amp was necessary and I was gonna buy a better combo amp...UNTIL I ran across an GK MB2! This little amp KILLS! It is absolutely perfect for what I use it for! it's got most of that classic GK sound and it ALMOST fits in my gig bag! It has speakon connectors and a tuner out! i couldn't ask for a better "mini" amp! I use it with my Acme Sound 2x10 and it's just wonderful. Not sure how well it would be as a the heart of a main rig, but for a small gig/venue, it's the shizzle!
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