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  1. Does the GK M2-500 head have a level volume for its direct output?
  2. No
  3. And just to add to this, unless you are dealing with REALLY low end mixing boards, a level control on a DI is pretty un-necessary, since any board with a pad control at the input stage can handle any output signal easily.

    So, unless you are in a situation where you need to control the front of house volume from stage, I wouldn't let this feature impact your decision.
  4. The thing is when I had the GK 210 bkl combo it was always set on post eq so i wanted to hear myself more this always affected the signal it sent to the board. The sound guy usually came up and turned the volume down but then I couldn't hear myself, I hated when this happened. I know what your saying, "what about pre-eq" NO,I like to hear my tone not the sound guy's tone. Because of this now I am considering the GK 700rb but I like the MB2-500 because of its smallness.
  5. First, your post EQ tone through your cab has NOTHING to do with what your post EQ tone sounds like first through a board, and then through a PA that has a totally different frequency response than your bass cab. This is the great 'myth' is sending 'my sound' to the board using a post EQ DI. The only way to really do that is to mic your cab.

    Secondly, why would the sound person think that turning you down on stage would have any different impact than turning you down on the channel slider. This makes no sense (unless your stage sound is too loud, which is a totally different issue). Now, I can see that if your volume changes on stage impact the level sent to the board, your sound person would be pissed, but it's nothing that couldn't be controlled from the board.

    Finally:D, the volume change that results from your master or pre gain control would probably not correlate very well with the movement of a knob on a DI volume (i.e., turning the master up one click and turning the DI volume down one click might not result in even the same impact).

    Again... just another way to look at it. Also, even in post EQ mode, I don't think most amp DI's are impacted by the master volume anyway, so that's another thing to think about.

    Just IMO.. this topic always interests me... not trying to bust your chops.:)
  6. No chops taken:D, To me the sound guys were I play are wannabes lol they make up every excuse just to do something I won't like. By the way do you have the MB2-500 because I seriously want this head its just the DI volume that's stopping me.
  7. I don't, but the heads that I have that don't haven't caused me any problems. The little GK seems pretty cool to me though!
  8. Have you tried it, I tried it once but I was testing cabs that day so I really didn't pay much attention to it. I also been reading about the different versions they have and how you have to send them back to GK to get them fixed. I am going to go try one today,can't wait:hyper:

    Thanks for everything you helped with a lot of doubt's I had.
  9. I have not had the pleasure. I think that thing with the various versions was more of a 'production start up' thing, and I assume the current models are all good to go.

    I"m into a little more 'clean and transparent' thing versus that very nice GK growl... just pure personal taste there.
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    I agree with all the advice KJung gave. Good opinions.
    I've used a few of the MB500 incarnations. Maybe it was the
    speakers I was using with the heads, but the GK just didn't
    sound right for me. Although the first incarnation with the
    extended lows was the most wonderful match with my
    Berg HT112. It was very much like the Berg IP112. I've been
    a GK fan forever but I just didn't love the MB500.
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    This, of course, assumes the sound guy really knows how to use a pad/trim/input gain control properly; I have seen some who do not use it for it's real, intended use. :eyebrow:

  12. +1.. that really blows my mind. On the other hand, if the sound person is that bad, not having a DI volume control is the least of your worries for the evening!
  13. +1...Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Many sound guys will shape the tone the way they prefer. (not always though)
    True as well. One reason I like to send a "post" signal though, is the G-K boost circuit. Generally, I use a clean tone, but at times, I run the Boost knob up for the "G-K grind", and prefer to send it to FOH as well.

  14. What is so different about this amp(to you) than the other GK heads?
  15. this is my first G-K head, and I love the sound, but mine is one of the aforementioned early production versions so there are some issues still being worked out for me. I don't go direct to the FOH only because our in-house PA has some issues of its own, but I don't need to mic my cabs either. I verified this myself by wearing a wireless and walking into the audience; this amp pushes speakers quite well, and the EQ points are highly effective IMO.
  16. How big was the venue you played at?
  17. Sorry, I'm just getting back to this. Seats around 500-600, it's a combination movie theater/playhouse used as a large chapel on Sundays.

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