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    Up on the block is a like new GK MB200. I just bought an MBFusion 500, which makes this like new MB200 unnecessary.

    I bought this from TB in late 2013. I used it mainly for a home practice amp as I was not gigging at the time. I've used it maybe a half hour a day in home practice and it has seen around 5 gigs.

    You know this amp. It's a TON of tone for such a little box. This one has performed perfectly in every situation! It's volume has never been pushed above 50% and has been babied during use. Everything works perfectly and could be mistaken for brand new. It has lived its life in a smoke free environment. I have looked and only found one small little 'mark' on the top left corner on side where the fan is (seen in the pic). It is not anything major and looks like an imperfection in the finish more than a scratch. It will ship in the original box with all the original packaging and power cable.

    This is a perfect travel/home/small gig amp! If I wasn't looking to expand my effects collection, I'd keep it! I am not looking for any trades at the moment. I'd prefer so sell outright.

    I'm asking $170.00 shipped CONUS only

    Here are some cell pics. I can get some high quality pics if needed.

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