SOLD GK MB210-ii

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    Sep 29, 2020
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    I prefer local pick up in Anaheim but if shipping is needed, we can split it 50/50.

    if you’re looking at this amp, you already know this thing is a beast. 350 W at 8ohms with its internal speaker and 500 W at 4ohms with an external cab. This is the only combo in the series that can run a passive cab as well as the powered GK extension cabinets.

    This one is $834 used from GC plus tax and shipping. Mine is $700 obo.

    PRICE DROP $650
    Pretty simple. super clean and runs perfectly. EDDD4B4F-241F-4411-85B3-49B89E2FE222.jpeg E8D23B80-EE40-44DA-811F-4B12B8021677.jpeg DF15132E-E4E5-4E51-93EC-9914161A39F3.jpeg 5268EC80-45B8-47CF-A3E7-4951F237BAD8.jpeg AC1B0DB3-A2F1-4EEA-9EDC-8E924118A777.jpeg CA50570F-160C-45C6-A0EF-360067534E38.jpeg
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