SOLD GK MB500 - $320 shipped

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Selling a barely used MB500 head. I took this as part of a local trade to balance the deal and although it is a great amp, I have too many already. Prior owner used it 2 times in church and then they went to IEM so it has been in his closet since then.

    500 watts, 3.75 pounds. Small and very powerful.

    Here’s a link to the specs - MB 500 Specs — Gallien-Krueger

    $320 shipped CONUS or $300 and you cover shipping. Will ship elsewhere if buyer covers any additional fees. Thanks for looking.

    713A1373-4870-4491-930A-88FC20DB0804.jpeg 564174F1-E25A-450E-B94C-353DCFE8723F.jpeg 79DE974F-E749-4B7A-AD2A-F5DA7A492E65.jpeg 492043E9-994A-4F96-975B-5F3642B6A2B2.jpeg
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