GK neo 2 115 cabs with what GK amp

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  1. I have been playing my GK 115 8 ohm with an Ampeg pf500 and loving life for the last few months. I have now decided to add another 115 to the set up. One can be left at my house and the other at my guitarists for practice. When it's needed for a larger show I can combine both, but otherwise travel back and forth with only my bass and amp.

    The problem is that my pf500 has crapped out before it could be used, so now I'm on the hunt for another head and have it somewhat narrowed down. I have been looking at the GK mb 500 and 800, in comparison to the 700rbII. I'd like to know if anyone has experience with these combinations. Is there a noticeable difference is sound or power between the mb 500 and 700rb? And secondly, should I suck it up and move up in power to a mb800 to power this duo?
  2. depends on how large the venues you'll be playing as well as how clean you like it. Easier to get the GK grind out of the lower powered amps without knocking down the walls of the building ;)

    IME the MBs definitely have the GK house sound but are a little more "modern" sounding. The classic GK sound can be had with the 700RB-II.
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    Personally, I'd be inclined to invest in a 1001RB-II for that pair of GK 115s - for gobs of clean headroom & power galore! :hyper:

    If you want a little warmer, crunchier tone, then get a 700RB-II instead. But you'll need to crank it in order to even begin to get the most out of those cabs.

    If you must go micro, the MB800 would be the only way to go, IMO... :meh:

    Enjoy! Rock th' house! :bassist:

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    I ran that exact rig for a long time. It was pretty awesome. :)
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    MB fusion.
  7. IMO I would go for the 700RB II. You have the NEO cabs and the 700RB II (or 1001RB II) will allow you to use the Bi-amp feature of the cabs. The MB series do not have the biamp feature (actually HMS, Horn Management System).
  8. Thanks for all the help. I think I'm gonna go with the 700rb or 1001rb for the bi amp feature.
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    Wise choice... :cool:

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    +1 on the 800RB
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    If u have a 4 string go 800rb if 5 string go 700rb or 1001rb. The 800rb is not voiced for 5vers those are Bob Gallien's words not mine. I had a 800rb and switched once I found out, it was a monster difference, same sound w a fuller B string
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    So... lets have a conversation about GK NEO 115 cabs. These are TIGHT GRINDY AGGRESSIVE Lows.

    Now... what do YOU want your tone to be?

    Warmer? Streamliner 900 is a PERFECT match with these cabs, you can get warmth plus aggression

    Aggressive? Shuttlemax 9.2, GK 1001RB or GK MB800. You wont get a warm tone but I tend to like the aggressive tones better with these amps than the Streamliner.

    Shuttlemax 9.2 I set one channel for aggression & one for warmth & that works out fantastic, my favorite amp ever & I've owned all of the above.

    PM me if you have any questions, I came out of vacation for you!! ha ha :bassist:
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    I bet that rig absolutely kills.
  14. You know I have NEVER had trouble getting a "warm" tone out of any G-K amp. My first G-K was an 800RB that took the place of my Ampeg V4-B. But then I can twist knobs very well? :)
    Case in point I was getting compliments on the V4-B's tone every time it was on stage but not powered or hooked up (the 800RB was driving the cabs). I don't just mean once or twice, but many, many times.