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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Sparkl, May 25, 2012.

  1. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011
    Guys... I've done some research.... And hmm, I've come up with an idea of getting the GK neo series...

    I've been thinking of getting myself a NEO 115 and 212 combo or 2x NEO 115 or 2x NEO 212.

    Are the neodymium cabinets suitable for jazzy/jaco sound? I know it sounds really deep, but haven't came across a vid with neo cabs playing jaco around...

    Any idea?

    P.S.: I'm reading a bit this forum so I'm searching around about those neo cabs, but still any first hand opinion is welcome.
  2. Tunaman


    Dec 26, 2004
    Gallien Krueger club part 5 will have the answers

    But I have the GK NEO 115 stack & love it. Its better than mixing cabs (theoretically) due to phasing issues between 2 different size speakers moving at 2 different speeds.

    You MUST list your amp as well to get any USEFUL advice, its all about how amps match with certain cabs
  3. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011
    Oh yeah, I own a 1001RB-II GK head.

    That's why I'm planning to pair it with GK cabs.

    I own a MM Sting5 but will get myself a J-Bass Marcus Miller USA for that jaco fusion sound.

    I heard only good things about those neo cabs and I really like the idea of a clean, deep full range and light cab.

    Hmm, yes I've read just now about those pairing issues, I never thought that it poses such a problem. :)

    Therefore I'm thinking of getting maybe 2x 115 or 2x 212? Which would work better for my style (mostly funk, fusion (that jaco burp sound), occasionally rock music and lot's of slapping)?

    I thought about just getting the 412 but I like the idea of having 2x12 if I go for that option cos if I won't need that much power I can only take 1x 212 with me and It'd be an easier transport. :)

    Edit: Oh and another thing - apart from the neo series, what other options do I have from the GK camp?
  4. I got a GK 4x12 NEO and I really loved it at first. Now adays the highs coming from it just seem really harsh and bothersome. I can never really dial it out. I have tried with several different amps and basses with the same result. Mine is the first gen 4x12 neo so maybe its different, but everyday I play it i'm starting to get more excited for my fEARful build to be done.

    On the topic of which cabs to get. Matching cabs is always better. I'd go with the 2 15 cabs just cause I love 15s :D
  5. I'm getting the two 2x12 stack for the same reasons you are. Way easier to transport and if I'm playing a smaller show I only need to bring one.

    I've heard the stack live and I've played through it with my 700RB-II and it's incredible. I can't wait to purchase.
  6. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011
    Thanks for reply.

    Hmm, yeah I currently own a Hartke 4.5XL and the reason I want to switch is just that thing - it's too bright sounding and full of treble all the time. It's just so annoying.

    I reckon that 2x 115 would solve this problem?

    I know that GK mostly has that growl stuff in their offers, but I guess that the most optimal way for my GK head is to pair it with a GK cab. Thing is - which? :)

    Of course if there are any other options, please go ahead. I've been looking at the Aguilars for quite some time now, but who knows how it would pair with a GK head.

    I need that responsive jaco burp tone from the cab. A well rounded tone. I know already that the neo GK cabs sound very deep. But never read anywhere about using the neo cabs for fusion and getting that jaco sound - are those cabs even suitable for this?
  7. Tunaman


    Dec 26, 2004
    See Sparkl, advice about hating a cab WITHOUT amp pairing is NOT helpful. You MUST have them talk about the amp before they review a cab.

    So... I would AGREE with Nickrs that I don't like GK cabs with GK amps. The amp NOR the cab are built for warmth so it can be a very harsh, clear, tight tone. I would NOT agree that the 412 is harsh with a nice tube amp like a Streamliner, Ampeg Pro7, Mesa etc. The warmth of the amp help that cab out greatly, same with all the other NEO cabs.

    Just expect to not have a ton of huge warm bottom end with GK cabs on GK amps
  8. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011
    Hmm yeah I'm looking forward on getting myself an aguilar db 359 amp or something similar. I wonder if it would help me do that then with the gk cabs.

    Well I don't actually need the tube warmth soooo bad, I'm more leaning towards a tight sound, so that it's rounded, but responsive, quick. And defined.

    I know I'll be looking into tube amps if I'll want that warm sound. :)

    I should try them out, I know that, but in my country (Slovenia), there are no stores with neo stuff on stock. So I'd need to go to Italy or Austria, maybe even Germany for that.

    That's why I'm gathering as much info as I can before I venture out there :)

    I have already made my GK 1001 sound pretty warm and rounded even on that aluminum 4.5XL Hartke. But it's not optimal for me.

    Now there are a few options for me - either go for neo cabs and stay with GK head and work on that, or buying some other cab brand optimal for my head, or go with the neo series and later on find the most suitable cab (maybe the GK fusion series?).

    Edit: Meanwhile this is a good example of what sound I want to get out of it. I know that a J-Bass can do this, I just need an optimal cab for this, but I'd still like to have that room to EQ my sound into that deep bass. (I got pretty close to that sound even on my 4.5XL with some J-Bass well modified replica. But will the neo cabs get me any closer? :p)

  9. mtsens1

    mtsens1 Merle Supporting Member

    Sep 6, 2011
    Kennesaw, Georgia
    I have the NEO 115 III and 212 II, 700RB II and a MBFusion. Very versatile to split for small-med work, or stacking them for bigger venues. Norm Stockton has some youtube video's of his 1001RB, and the neo 115 and 212. That should give you an idea.

  10. Tunaman


    Dec 26, 2004
    Its hard to tell without trying, you are taking a risk that the tone will be what you want. You will get quick & defined tone, thats for sure.

    Good luck my man! Many youtube videos of clips of GK amps with GK cabs. I'd hit those up
  11. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011
    Yes, I've checked up the Stocktons rig a while ago, but he never pushes the mids up to get that jaco sound. Instead, he always cuts them down to get that "big balls" heavy deep slap sound. I know that can be done and it sounds amazing, I just need some first hand experience on actually achieving the jaco sound from that rig. :)
  12. Another 115 and 212 with a 1001 rbII user here. Pretty much love it. I would rather have doubled up on the 212 though as I greatly prefer it's tone( a bit fatter down low). No phasing issues.
  13. Tim1


    Sep 9, 2005
    New Zealand
    I am very impressed with the GKneo115iii and Markbass combo I use as my practice setup. Nice open sound, plenty of punch and a smooth crossover between the 15 inch and tweeter. And yes, the GK/ Markbass combo does get very close to that Jaco growl on my 68 jazz - in fact I think closer than any other cab I have come across.
    That said, the best neo cabs I have played so far are undoubtedly the new Fender neo range, you might want to consider those too if they are in your price range.
  14. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011
    Tim1 thanks.

    I'll check them out aswell. Tho it's again a question of how well those cabs work with my GK head.

    Daniel Piper - so what works better in a band as a group, 212 or 115? What are your opinions?
  15. ljazz


    Dec 10, 2002
    Cookeville, TN
    Man, it is just so easy to dial out the harshness. I play the 700rbII into both a GK neo 112 and 212. Pulling back on the high mids (easy to do with the hi-mid shy GK neo 12's), and bumping up the low mids really warms it up nicely. It turns that hi-mid growl into a lo-mid grunt. Keeping the tweeter volume down helps too. If I'm really pushing the head, it sounds sweet. Certainly not the tube thing, but incredibly punchy, fast and grunty in the low mids. I also think it's important to keep the vol (preamp gain) below noon. In fact, I don't take it much higher than 11:00, because, to my ear, it starts to get a touch "brittle" up top. I love how my rig sounds in the mix out front.

    Anyway, to each their own. I just think that if I added any more low end, I'd be muddy, and start to get lost in the mix.
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  16. bass151


    Mar 10, 2012
    The GK Neo cabs sound very good at moderate volume as long as you don't need a lot of bottom end. If you play using the burpy Jaco tone most of the time you would be fine with the Gk cabs. But if your holding down the groove with serious low end the Gk cabs don't do bottom end with a lot of volume vey well.. You mentioned Aguilar previously and that's apples and oranges. The GK cabs are good neo cabs for the price , but Aguilar cabs are one of the best period, if you can afford them. Your amp would sound very good with them as well. I know people will disagree with my assessment of the GK cabs mainly because they bought them on the what you get for the money factor. They are one of the cheapest neo cabs out their and sound quite good FOR THE MONEY.
  17. ljazz


    Dec 10, 2002
    Cookeville, TN
    I just don't get that. I hear no lack of bottom end in the gk neos.... not at all. In fact, I have to be careful with my 212 because it can get boomy in the wrong room. And my 112 loves volume. I run the 700rbII with the master at noon to 3:00 all the time. (I will admit that I don't like the tone of the 212 when pushed by the 1001rbII..... it's too much!)

    I can't help but think that because the 800rb's roll off so much in the low end, that folks think the cabs do the same?
  18. DavyR


    May 29, 2011
    I have the 1001RB-II GK head and the NEO 2-12 cab. It's more than enough for clubs/bars, IMO. I can't get much past 1 on the volume! Bought it for quality and light weight. Can't imagine needing much more. However, the NEO 4-12 really kicked butt when I tried it out with the 1001RB-II head.
  19. Sparkl, my experience is that the 212 takes eq better on the lower frequencies than the 115. IME. Just responds with a bit more heft. The 115 has, to me, a faint boxiness to it. But, one mans box is another mans 'cut' so...
  20. B-string

    B-string Supporting Member

    I will also take issue with "little low end" from the G-K NEOs. My NEO412 (first gen) makes wood stages beg for mercy. I use a G-K Fusion 550 head.
    Tom B. from BGM also stated the G-K NEO cabs are one of the best values out there, performance at or above more expensive cabs. Don't let the price tag fool you as G-K makes their own drivers and cabs. They don't have a "middle man" cost to pass along ;).
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