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GK R1001 2x10 combo cab for sale/trade

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Wes Whitmore, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Wes Whitmore

    Wes Whitmore

    Mar 10, 2003
    Columbus, OH
    Is there any interest in an 8 month old GK 1001RB2x10 combo without the R1001? This cab is in mint condition with a cover. I ended up getting a wireless rack system so I pulled the head and racked it as well. Now I think I am going to change to an Aguilar or SWR top cab to match the Big Ben I just purchased. Any of the first generation heads should fit in this cab, and the new ones probably fit as well since the now sell it that way.
    I am also open to trading for another cab in equally nice condition. I have pictures that I will get up on line in the near future if there is interest. Make me an offer. I think a new one was $599 + 50 for the cover, but I will take a good amount less, or a trade.
  2. I'm interested! I have some cash or trade for a "The Bass Company" 2x10 4 ohm or 8 ohm Cab. Very sweet, like a Mesa Boogie. The original 8ohm speakers are getting reconed. Right now I have 2-Madison 16 ohm's in it. Brings the cab to 8 ohms. I've had nothing but great compliments from this bada** cab!! Also has pop out Ernie ball casters.
    Just bought a GK 1001rb-2 (new one). Was going to try and build a top for this cab, to make it a combo, but then this ad came up.
    Email me if interested in a trade. I'll give you all 4 speakers also. Only one of the original speakers need reconing. They weigh something like 5 lbs each!! Crossover tweeter also. Can handle a low B with ease. Great trade offer here. Slap-pop-fingerstyle-pick. It can take it. Actually, with the original speakers, blows my Peavey tvx 4x10 away.
  3. How much for the cab? Cash?
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