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GK RB Bi-Amp Heads and Cabs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Solarmist, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. I like using some effects (GK BL600), but heard they don't sound good running through the horn so I've got interested in a possible setup using a GK 700RB Bi-Amp head. Have any/many of you used this feature to separate the horn from the main channel/voicing effects? How much difference is there really vs full range on the treble side? Who makes Bi-Amp Cabs ( 118/115 + horn pref or sim) besides GK?
  2. tom e smith

    tom e smith

    Jan 27, 2008
    I run my 700rb II through GK SBX410 and SBX115 cabs and have run them biamped and full range and you really can't beat the control you get with your tone by biamping. I'm not sure who else makes biamped cabs but I have seen threads where guys have biamped there own.
  3. KPAX

    KPAX Banned

    Mar 22, 2005
    The GK 700/1001 RBII user's manual says distortion/overdrive sounds terrible thru the HF horn and touts their unique approach with the biamp, etc. I own a 1001RBII and have concluded that's way exaggerated. I've run the amp both ways for many gigs and don't think the clean horn biamp approach amounts to much.
    For GK-compatible biamp cabs, you can buy GK cabs (surprise!) or you can wire up other cabs for GK style biamp. I did that with my SWR Goliath and Son Of Bertha cabs. I removed the crossover/jack panels and replaced them with plain jack panels that were pre-stamped for speakon jacks. You need to wire the speakon 1+/1- to the drivers and the 2+/2- to the horn. I bought the panels from parts express and they were the same size as the SWR crossover/jack plates so it was a clean install. I think those panels are standard. I simply replaced the SWR crossover/jack panels and wiring with the plain speakon panels with speakon jacks and new wiring (in GK biamp mode you don't use a cab crossover - you use the one that's built into your GK head). I kept the SWR crossover/jack panels and wiring in a box for a couple of years while I ran my cabs biamped with my GK head. I later put my cabs back to origional when I switched to tube heads (SVT and Peavey VB-2).

  4. Thanks Guys - I checked if there was much difference in distortion on my BL600 with the Boost in the 9:00 O’clock position - then in the 3:00 O’clock position (where I usually have it set), and didn't notice much. I thought the bi-amp thing would be the way to go if one uses the "Boost" or other effects with the horn turned up to almost full (and the treble on EQ too) - especially when the manual uses terminology like "terrible thru the horn" - I got a little concerned. I want to upgrade to the GK 700RB sometime anyway because I like the sound of the BL600, and may get the 115RBX to go with it. It might be just what I’m after.
  5. NOVAX


    Feb 7, 2009
    I'm trying the same thing with my ashdown but I'm gonna leave the stock
    panel and cut the wires install quick connect break-offs, label carefully
    and have both options, I hope. Does everyone think it will work out?


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