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GK's got me crossing my fingers...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by virtual.ray, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. virtual.ray


    Oct 25, 2000
    Yesterday I was playing at home on my GK 1001rb head running into a 410 rbh cabinet,and I got an urge to see what the amp would sound like through my Bag End 15.
    So I pulled the 15 out of the closet,turned off the GK head,disconnected the 410,connected the15,and turned the amp back on.
    The first note I hit produced a sound similar to running a bass through a cheap fuzz box,and at a very faint volume (I had not changed the volume settings from the prior cabinet.)
    This lasted about 15 seconds,at which time the amp proceeded to emit a bright flash accompanied by numerous sparks and copious amounts of smoke.
    I raced to the outlet and pulled the power cord thereby avoiding the thing completely catching fire.
    Fortunately the store I bought it at was still open and the guy I dealt with said he'd get me a new one since this was a recent purchase.
    So tonight I bring the toasted head in and am presented with a new head still in the sealed box.
    Once out of the box,I attempt to connect the head to the store's 410rbh cabinet,only to discover that the pins on this new amp's supplied Speakon cable are misaligned and will not allow entry into the cab's recepticle.
    I point this out to the salesman who goes back to get yet another new in box 1001,and while he's gone I notice that the push button which,when depressed,limits the frequency response of the tweeter amp in bi amp mode will not latch,i.e. when pressed upon,remains in the "out" position regardless.
    My guy arrives with the third amp,I unpack it,the Speakon cable is good,the tweeter switch is good,and it actually produces a clear loud sound when I start to play on it through the 410rbh,so i take it home but haven't hooked it up to my gear yet (it's too late to be playing bass 'round here now.)
    Needless to say this episode has put a question mark in my mind,but I'll give it one more chance since they'll let me have 30 more days with this one.
    BTW,there was nothing wrong with my 8 ohm Bag End either before or after the incident (Allah be praised) and my cable is just fine,thank you very much.Nor were there any voltage spikes in my AC line.
    I happen to really like the sound of this rig,but reliability is everything at a gig,n'est ce pas?
  2. tripwamsley


    Jan 31, 2002
    Sulphur La,
    This is Trip from GK. Please contact me directly at 408-623-5122 to take care of this!! I need to know where this happened.
  3. tripwamsley


    Jan 31, 2002
    Sulphur La,
    I've got your back soldier!!

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