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Glad to see George Michael on bass. R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by MEKer, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. MEKer

    MEKer Supporting member

    May 30, 2006
    George Michael on bass.
  2. A.K.


    Jan 9, 2010
    Pacific Northwest
    He's credited with playing bass on some songs on his "Faith" album.
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  3. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    You live and you learn. I had no idea was ever a bassist!
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  4. dorky


    Jan 16, 2017
    George Michael on bass.

    Pinkies Out!
    (too soon?)
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  5. If I had been blessed to have George Michael's fame, I'm sure old pictures of me on keyboard, guitar, mandolin and
    dare I say, ukulele would have surfaced by now and been analyzed ad infinitum.
    There is a track or two of me on the Internet playing guitar and keys. I won't embarrass myself by providing a link.
    Michaels was a musician and talented singer, of course he picked up and played instruments besides singing.
    ...and according to my girlfriend, "He was a handsome devil in his day"

    In found this on the Internet so I'm sure it's true, here's George Michaels on sax!
    GM sax.
  6. MEKer

    MEKer Supporting member

    May 30, 2006
    Huh-where did you find that? I gotta say that does not look like George at all.
  7. Steve9842008


    Jul 20, 2008
    That's from that Sexy Sax Man vid from a few years ago.

  8. MEKer

    MEKer Supporting member

    May 30, 2006
    Yeah-------I doubt anyone really thought it was G.M. <shrug>
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  9. TedH


    Dec 6, 2014
    Westchester, NY
    He is credited with the bass line on Freedom 90 IIRC; which is a pretty swingin' bass groove.
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  10. friskinator

    friskinator Supporting Member

    Apr 5, 2007
    Looks like a Status he's playing?
  11. mhartman29


    Mar 23, 2014
    Austin, TX
    I would be shocked if he played the bass on freedom! I love GM and Deon Estsus and that bass line reeks of Estus. So funky and rhythmic!

    If that's GM playing I will be floored by him! That voice AND that bass playing?
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  12. DiabolusInMusic

    DiabolusInMusic Functionless Art is Merely Tolerated Vandalism Supporting Member

    That is easily my favourite track by the man and one helluva swinging bass line. I would not be surprised if he wrote the line and had a studio cat play it but I love to think GM played that track.
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  13. TedH


    Dec 6, 2014
    Westchester, NY
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  14. mhartman29


    Mar 23, 2014
    Austin, TX
    Again, don't get me wrong. I'm a huge GM fan. His vocal and songwriting talents are among the best ever, imo. But I have a really hard time believing he played that track. It sounds exactly like Deon Estus.

    I could see him writing the generic bass line and then Estus came in, put his magic on it and recorded it. That would make sense to me. But the way that bass line is played, its sense of timing and rhythm, and the fills are all signature Estus.

    Unless GM wrote most of those amazing bass lines and Estus was just recording what GM gave him, I don't see it. If he did, though, my god what a talent.
  15. joebeadg


    Sep 1, 2010
    eustis fl
    ut oh! Sergio! And to think, I almost didn't click on that! pretty funny
  16. joebar


    Jan 10, 2010
    He was a multi instrumental genius.

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