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Glass Frets?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by JAdamCotterBass, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. JAdamCotterBass

    JAdamCotterBass Banned

    Sep 29, 2013
    Anyone ever try using glass frets? i tested just a single fret, using 3mm borosilicate rod. it is flexible at lengths of over 3', so i put epoxy 5 minute into the slot where the fret used to be (used a hot 2mm glass rod to burn it to shape, then sandpaper around a cool one to bring it to 3mm) then i held it in place until the epoxy set, and nipped the ends off, diamond files to dress.

    It didn't crack immediately, but i think I would curve the frets first by placing in a kiln with the frets draped over a mold o get the curvature to match the fretboard. I wish i still had the bass to show a pic. it didn't sound much different to me, but i imagine zero wear, and it should slap super bright.

    I love the way brass frets sound. Getting prepared for my first proper build, going with simplicity. Sandwich fiddleback maple and ancient mohogany for the body, and a bolt on 5 way maple koa neck (or should I use a different wood besides koa)?. If the laminate body proves beyond the scope of my abilities, i'll try bubinga solid body (2 pieces bookmatched?).

    A glass nut is really nice, and they do not crack, very very clean harmonics. if you want to hear an approximation what it sounds like, just tie a glass guitar slide to your 1st fret.

    Ive already learned so much from this site, the last bass i made I used maple from home depot, laminated (without a joiner) with gorilla glue, the only tools i used were a chainsaw, a chisel and mallet, and a drawlknife, oh and a shurform.

    Stoked for my wood to arrive! glad I checked around, i was going to use spalted maple, but i hear that makes for a deader/warmer sound. I'm all about bright, tight, slap and harmonics. My Builder Idol is Ken Smith, i had a CR custom bolt on, with alembec preamp swap, and it was perfect.

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