glassjaw dirty sound??

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  1. how does he get that sound??? i know he plays a fender p bass... does anyone know what kind of pedal or rackmount effect he ususes to achieve that crunchy sound?? i have been trying to get a dirtortion like it.

    or if you have any other suggestions for a really nice, crunchy distortion..

    thank you,
  2. In a recent issue of Bass Player, it said he uses a Big Muff Pi. There were some other pedals mentioned, but I forgot what they were.
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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Ok, I am not sure what he uses... But here are some of my sugestions.... (I am a pedal fanatic).

    1. ProCo Rat
    2. DOD Death Metal
    3. ANY!!! tube overdrive
    4. If you use a good amp with a good eq/preamp, Just get somthing like a DOD 250 preamp pedal - it will drive the **** out of your amps preamp. Also you amp makes a BIG diference... somthing like a peavey TKO will sound as dirty as all hell (or for that matter any solid state), but a tube amp will sound muddy/and fuzzy.... hope that was some help....

    Alex :cool:
  4. it does help out more... but his sound is more of a crunchy sound.. not like fuzz or noral distortion..... moe crunchy. heh, know what im trying to say??
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    Jun 3, 2000
    you know...

    I don't know why, he has a "Warwick Thumb" ish tone (on the recordings).. i listen to the glassjaw cd EVERY friggin day.. and i love it.. I think he uses the Big Muff Pi, and for Track 6 (Must've Run all Day), he used an octave pedal for the middle break