For Sale Glockenklang#2 Ulyate/Protoguitars, Warmoth, and Rosser

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    BG 2 djzhkai5zd8tbf3k3v1y (1).jpg BG 3 wq5jpftn2on75jajxmid.jpg 10 lbs, 8 oz
    Rosser Swamp Ash body
    Warmoth Padauk neck with 24-fret Ebony fretboard, Malachite inlay and Abalone dots
    Glockenklang 3-band preamp
    Ulyate/Protoguitars Stingray/jazz combo with jazz in bridge. 4-way toggle for the combo: neck, parallel, series, bridge
    Schaller bridge and tuners

    What I am happiest about this bass are the pickups. And I sorted through webpages and webpages of diagrams and schematics and discussions of rotary switching, until I figured out how these switches work and then it was easy: ground from one half of the pickup is always at ground. 3-pole 4 way switch with the other ground and the two hots on the three poles, and then connect hot-output, ground-output, connecting wire, or nothing to the appropriate obvious 12 lugs around the switch.
    Anyhow, there are things that are not ideal about this bass. 1) I put the string retainers stupidly next to each other, so you have to thread the string through. 2) I made a nick in the fretboard 3) if you depend on inlay, the malachite is quite dark when not in the sun 4) the Rosser body...heavy swamp ash. I had cut it, sanded it, and finished it before I noticed that the bolt-holes were drilled lopsided. No matter. I put the neck in straight, the strings go over the pickups correctly, it is all in good intonation. 5) I chose a body where the "knee dimple" is farthest away from the neck because I intended on cutting it. How ones body fits with a bass is very very subjective. The body was only $100. It could be switched out.

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