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    Jan 6, 2006
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    Glockenklang Blue Rock Bass Head - I purchased this head new about (6) weeks ago as a backup to my all tube head. The head is like new and has only been used for home practice with headphones. Price listed is for the head alone, without the carrying case. This head is complete overkill for what I’m using it for (headphone practice amp) so I’m
    letting it go to someone who will use it to it’s potential.

    •High performance class D power amp section (1000w/4 ohms, 500w/8 ohms)
Switchable (DIP-switches at bottom) to 900w/2.67 ohms, 600w/4 ohms, 300w/8 ohms
•Drive Section with Drive and Level pots, on-switchable Voice-filter adjustable, on-switchable (also by footswitch)
•Excellent 5-band equalization section with 3 frequency switchable Mids, on-switchable
LED overdrive indicator for pre amp and peak indicator for power amp LED indicators for switch functions
•Dual high impedance input A/B box with separate pre gain trim for input B
•Effect Return also usable as mp3 player and additional mixing input
•Balanced DI out (adjustable, on left side by screwdriver)
•Tuner out + Phones out
•Compact and robust design

    Input A for instruments with normal level
    Input B with additional pre gain trim control for instruments with higher level and for piezo pickups

    Tone controls:
    On/Off switchable 5-band EQ
    Bass: +15 dB (60 Hz), -15dB (30 Hz)
    Low Mid +/- 12 dB (150 or 230 Hz)
    Mid: +/- 10 dB (550 or 800 Hz)
    High Mid: +/- 12 dB (1.2 or 2 KHz)
    Treble: +/- 15 dB (8 KHz)

    Effect loops:
    1 parallel effects loop, post eq, intensity controlled by effects section on the front panel, footswitchable, also usable as second, mixableinput

    12.6" x 11" x 3.5" (2 rackspaces)

    11 lbs

    PayPal accepted.

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  2. rmichael

    rmichael Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2006
    Central Illinois
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