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  1. Matt23


    May 26, 2016
    Well, Tuesday was a NAD

    After a good clear out of old gear I picked this up to try something new. I've got my Puma 900, which is as light and portable as fresh air so thought I'd look at the next size up; opening up a class of amp that I've ignored completely for a few years.

    I had a bit of correspondence with Glockenklang before buying and the level of service was great. All my questions were answered quickly, often within minutes, and in flawless English.

    Upon opening the box, I was surprised by how chunky the amp was. It's not a whopper, at 5kg, but is reassuringly hefty. In the hand, it feels like a piece of top quality kit. It is absolutely solid. The knobs have a bit of weight to them (ooh-err) and all turn smoothly and you can just tell that no expense has been spared. It is obviously a very expensive amp, so you get what you pay for here, I suppose. It's got lots of different coloured LED too, so that's already a winner.

    The power amp is still Class D. Just, not the usual. Peering inside it looks to be an Anaview/Abletec 1000w job. The Blue Sky is rated for 700w at 4 ohm, with two little internal dip switches to make that 700w at 2.7ohm. The volume pot is logarithmic, which takes a bit of mental readjustment. Glock tell me that as 5 o'clock - pot maxed, is actually full volume, you can turn it up as needs be. It won't hit full power at 1 o'clock as per many other amps. Fridays gig saw me run the volume at about 1 o'clock, in a big, long, horrible sounding room.

    The preamp is Class A, as found on Glockenklang's flagship models. It has two inputs, one for ultra high output and piezo. Even with my Sadowsky, using the lower Impedance input I still run the gain about 1 or 2 o'clock for optimal input signal. The pre is definitely clean, even when cranking the gain it doesn't really overdrive. But you can push it all the way and it sounds cool and does fur up a touch.

    EQ wise, I haven't actually experimented yet. I gigged it Friday and played without EQ. The pre is so good, that even without EQ engaged it just sounded right.

    Sound wise... first thing I noticed, it is bigger down low than my other Class D amps. It's not louder, though I didn't push it to full volume, initial impressions are that the Puma 900 is louder.
    But, the Glock took the volume in its stride. With other amps I found that even if the volume was there they sounded out of breath at that level. The Glock retained the same tonal qualities at all volumes. It must have some sort of limiter, but it doesn't have that multi band compression type thing going on when pushed.

    The mids are super clean, even compared to the Puma. This is without the EQ engaged too, which is semi parametric; and the highend sings. It is VERY articulate across the board. String noise and technique flaws are more noticeable! It also paired very well with the Vanderkley. A cab which itself is pretty big down low and full but clean. I wondered if they'd be 'sterile' together, but I needn't have, it's a great match.
    Super deep, clean and sparkly!

    So, I'm very happy with it. I wanted something a bit different but still light enough to slog around. This is easily done in the super Glockenklang carry case. I wanted the same vibe as the Tecamp but just with a bit 'more'... I'm very happy with it.

    Oh, also, the fan. It is dead quiet. It comes on and turns off as needed. Even when on, I had to have a look to actually check.

    I apologise for the rambling on, this has all been written on my phone so it's probably difficult to follow!

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  2. Congrats.
    I gigged the Puma 900 for a year but eventually sold it as it was just much too modern for me. I couldn't get used to that super open, transparent, and glassy tone. On some gigs it sounded absolutely great, but most of the time I missed some mid body. Have been an Aguilar guy for years now, but still looking for that one amp which does it all.
    Have heard from several friends and colleagues, none of them Glock fans, that the Blue Sky is worth checking out, but based on your description it still seems to be in the glassy, open, transparent camp.
    I briefly checked the Blue Rock a few weeks ago for half an hour, unfortunately not in a band but at least with my bass and my cabs, and it really impressed me quite a bit. The drive section turns it into a real beast and sounds really good when only mixed in ~25 - 30% IMO.
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  3. nostatic

    nostatic Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2004
    Lompoc, CA
    Endorsing Artist: FEA Labs
    I briefly tried the Blue Soul when it came out and it didn't really thrill me. The Blue Sky didn't really tempt me, but the Blue Rock finally got it right (at least for me) wrt the eq section (freq points and switching) and the drive capability. The taper of the master volume does take getting used to, and there's a lot of punch between noon and 6pm.
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  4. Matt23


    May 26, 2016
    Ah, yeah it wouldn't be for you then! I had a TH500 which was great, but very different. The Glock is hifi through and through! What do you use now? I love the DB amps, but they're too heavy. I bet the Blue Rock is great, but I wouldn't need the drive on a gig, I'd be interested to try one though.
  5. I played the DB 750 for six years, which was close to "my tone" (it could have been quicker though, was a bit too relaxed), but sold it because of the weight, as you say - just too heavy. I still have the TH 500 for my bread and butter gigs and also an AG 500 DC, which I will probably sell in the future. I also play the Kustom KXB 500 which is a beast tonewise. It doesn't have that lovely Aguilar warmth, but is very quick and punchy (much more than the TH 500), yet very round and full, not super modern. Best of both worlds, but 500 watts have a limit.

    I've had my eyes on the Blue Rock for a while and the new Darkglass amp looks quite interesting too.
    My test drive with the Blue Rock was promising, but it still has some of those Glock hi-fi attributes. That drive section, however, adds a different colour that I really liked.

    I've been thinking about getting a rather neutral, powerful amp and putting a TH pedal in front of it to give me some of that Aggie tone. A pure Glock sound would be too hi-fi for me I think. Aguilar should come out with a TH 900, two para mids and a very quick power amp.
    Good friend of mine has the Blue Sky. He's never been a Glock fanboy and is into traditional tones like Pino and Will Lee. The Blue Sky, he said, sounds hi-fi, modern and very clean, but slams really hard when needed. He has no problems cutting through on his louder gigs.

    I'd love to test the Blue Rock on a gig.
    Edit: could you briefly give your impressions regarding that Vanderkley cab? ​
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  6. Matt23


    May 26, 2016
    The Kustom KXB is a brilliant amp! Regardless of price, it is a beast.

    I was thinking about borrowing a Tone Hammer to try in front of the Glock and to see how it would sound wits the Glock power amp. Just for interests sake really, I bet it'd be great.
    I'm quite lucky I suppose that I really like my bass, I love the Sadowsky preamp, amd the VTC can do quite a good job of knocking so e of the Glock sheen off if needed. Still super clean, just a bit more old skool.

    With regards to the Vanderkley, firstly, Marc Vanderkley is great and very helpful. The cab weighs 25kg or so and is big for a 2x12. It's very solidly built, they're all handmade by Marc and I have no concerns that it'll ever give me any issues. It's rated at 600 watts, but Marc has told me that these cabs can take power/EQ/effects, and in fact will take whatever you put into them.

    Sound wise, it's clear, detailed and even. It is a big sounding cab, and is voiced deeper than other 12s I've owned. It is very smooth from top to bottom. But the low end is very controlled. The low B sounds quite a lot better than any other 2x12 I've owned. It is a very faithful cab too, I've used it with a Markbass LM3, Puma 900, Aguilar TH500 amd AG, Carvin BX500, and an old Fender Bassman, probably a couple of others too and it just reproduced what was put into it.

    I think that's why I like it so much with the Glock amp and and Sadowsky, with its own great pre. If you put good gear in it will sound awesome and respond to small changes.

    I'd absolutely love to ad a 1x12 and flip the Glock to 2.7 ohms!

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