SOLD Glockenklang Blue Soul with Gig Bag

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    Selling my Glockenklang Blue Soul amplifier. It is in excellent condition other than a few small dings on the side of chassis (these can be seen in the photo below). It is in perfect working condition. I've had this amp for about a year and a half. It is lightweight, reliable, built like a tank, and, most importantly, sounds fantastic. I have never used the EQ, because the amp sounds "that" good flat. The amp comes with the original Glockenklang gig back, which is in pretty good shape, even though the logo is fading somewhat.

    I got a fantastic deal on this amp, and I am very happy to pass that deal along. I'm asking $595 plus shipping from Northern New Jersey. Local pickup is greatly preferred, but otherwise the shipping expense will be the actual cost of packaging and UPS shipping to your address. CONUS only please.

    I am not really open to trades other than for a Noble Preamp (I would add cash) or a Sonic Farm 2di4.

    These specs are from the Glockenklang website:


    High performance class D power amp section (650 watts / 4 0hms, 350 watts / 8 ohms)
    intern (DIP-switches at bottom) switchable to 650 W / 2,7 ohm, 450 W / 4 ohm, 240 W / 8 ohm
    Excellent equalization section, switchable
    LED peak indicator for pre amp and power amp
    LED indicators for all switch functions
    Dual high impedance input A/B box with separate pre gain trim for input B
    Effect Return also usable as mp3 player and additional mixing input
    Balanced DI out, adjustable (on left side by screwdriver)
    Tuner out
    Phones out
    Lighweight 5 kg (11 lbs)

    Input A for instruments with normal level
    Input B with additional pre gain trim control for instruments with higher level and for piezo pickups

    Effect lopps
    1parallel effects loop, post eq, intensity controlled by effects section on the
    front panel, footswitchable, also usable as second, mixable input

    Dimensions: 320 x 280 x 88 mm, 12.6" x 11" x 3.5" (2 rackspaces)

    Weight: 5 kg, (11 lbs)

    IMG_3646.jpg IMG_3647.jpg IMG_3649.jpg IMG_3650.jpg IMG_3651.jpg
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    Very Nice and VERY tempting!