Glockenklang Cab Advice Needed

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  1. I know Glocks aren't widely played by TB'er but they are even rarer in Australia and I need some advice :)

    I'm currently using a Glock Double 12 (2x12) cab at 4ohms. It is fantastic and generally the best bass cab i have ever heard. To follow with this german engineering trend, I have a Tecamp Puma 1000 on the way. I now have a nice 500 watts at 4ohms channel available for a second cab to go with the 2x12. I also have a great Glock dealer here in Oz to order me what I need. I can't just wander into the shop (it's 900 miles away) so I'm hoping to get some feedback from the resource that is TB.

    Has anybody out there combined two Glock cabs? Is anyone using the Double 12 in particular? I'm considering the following options -

    2x10 at 4ohms
    1x15 at 4ohms
    2x12 at 4ohms

    Anybody out there have any experience with this gear? I'd appreciate some feedback on how these cabs combine.

  2. KILLER!

    I am not familiar with the cabs, but in general, it is almost ALWAYS better to add a second identical cab. If you like the sound of one cab, you will, by defintion LOVE the sound of two of them (double the wattage in your case, and that synergy of coupling that results in just a HUGE difference in volume and non-compressed low end).

    So, if you can get a second cab identical to your current 212, do it. Zero risk.. it will be 'more' of what you already dig.

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    Apr 16, 2008
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    Yep, if you're digging the sound of your current 212, best to go identical. Sounds like an awesome rig you've got there. I've played through the Puma 500 and it was very impressive. Enjoy the 1000.
  4. Thanks guys. I'm pretty excited about the potential of this setup. The single Glock 2x12 is just awesome. The mind boggles at what two will sound like.
  5. Shiveringbass


    Aug 21, 2005

    I've only got a Quattro 4x10" so I won't be able to hlep you on this one. However if you like the tone of the double, I would strongly advice you to add another one.

    You could also try to contact Udo at Glockenklang who usualy returns quite fast.

  6. I am using an Uno Rock Deluxe 115 and a Duo 210 with an Ashdown ABM 500 EVO II - and could not be happier with my sound. Except, maybe, by adding one more 115 and powering the entire rig with a Glockenklang Heart Rock head... :smug:
    I think a combination of different Glockenklang cabs works fine. You can choose combination according on the tonal direction you want to take - a 212 is, of course, a good combination of snap and thunder...
  7. Hi $10 cat, I own a Double 2x12 and sometimes pair it with my Tech Sounsystems 6x10", which gives me a thick punishing low end if I turn the tweeter right down on the Glock. But I find the tone of the Glock on it's own far superior to anything. I'd like to get rid of the Tech for another 2x12.
    So 2 Glock 2x12s is the answer, they are stunning cabs, in part due to the Volt loudspeakers.
  8. Thanks very much for the info guys. The Glock cabs really are something special. The funny thing about the 2x12 is that it is such a complete sounding cab that I never really think of it as a "2x12" specifically. Depending on tone, it really does cover the 4x10 and 1x15 spectrum as well. Just an amazing balanced output.

    More of the same sounds like a smart idea :D I'd better sell some gear and chat to my distributor.
  9. Man - you're giving me GAS for a Glock 2x12! I played a German made one recently and fell in love. A bit pricey though. I can't imagine what two would sound like!
  10. Haha! I'm a terrible terrible accumulator of music gear. I've now learned that when I find a product that I love, GAS doesn't go away, I just want more of it :rollno:
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    There have been a couple of Glock users post on the forum who have opined on a couple of combinations. You may want to pm them to clarify, but from what I recall:

    Bassjigga uses a double and a duo and really likes the combination. (He also has/had a HeartRock for sale in the classifieds, he has switched over to the BAC head.)

    Trip Wamsley, aka Tripster, has indicated he likes the duo/double combination a lot, and he also told me he really likes the duo/uno combination. Trip is a monster player, and is also a Glock signed artist. He has played pretty much everything they make and is a great source of reliable input on their products.

    I think that if you were going to go with a different cabinet I would recommend you go with the duo rather than the uno to combine with the double you already have. This will give you a little more punch and really sweet mids.

    I have a pair of duos, and I also have a BAC MKII on the way. I just can't say enough about the quality and tone of Glock. I really dig their gear.


    hope this helps,

  12. Thats a massive help Jim. Thanks very much.

    The duo was specifically my other temptation on this path. I liked the idea of using the duo as a "small" cab for a modular approach to gigs. 2x10 for the little gigs/2x12 for the medium gigs/both for the big gigs (if that makes sense). I'll shoot a pm to these guys for some info.

    Just out of interest, how do the duos sound by themselves? Do they handle the low B as well as I expect they will?

    Thanks again,

  13. jsbarber


    Jun 7, 2005
    San Diego
    I really like the Duo. I haven't played through a Double personally so I can't really compare. I would expect that the low B would be not quite as present on the Duo relative to the Double. I also own the US version of the Duo, which is slightly different from what you would get in Australia. (Pretty close, but not exactly the same.) Tripster or Bassjigga have played through both and would be able to provide a comparison to what you already have, so I really think you should connect with them on that comparison.

    Glad to be of help,