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Glockenklang Heart Rock... initial impressions

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by KJung, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    The Heart Rock came yesterday, and it's a beauty, as you can see below. I've only played it with a couple of basses and cabs for a couple of hours, but since these seem to be relatively rare on the site, I thought I'd post my initial impressions and a picture.

    Physical: Three rack spaces, 12 inches deep and right below 40 pounds. Surely not typical for me (Mr. small and light:eek: ). It will live in an SKB 3 space rack. The build quality is wonderful.... very smooth, high quality controls. The fan comes on full speed when you turn the unit on and sounds like an airplane landing (scared the heck out of me), but then quickly reduces to a low level... still louder than I'm used to, but racking it should reduce the volume of the fan.

    Very 'industrial quality stuff'.... heavy duty DI socket (with full volume/grnd lift/pre post eq controls), super heavy duty, permanently mounted AC cord with heavy duty removable/fixable plug (nice), two effects loops.. all the typical stuff.

    Wattage 750 into 4ohms, 1000 into 2.67 ohms. (edit: this recent upgrade which allows the amp to run safely at the rather unusual 2.67 ohms minimum level seems to be driven primarily by the fact that Glock is getting ready to introduce a 6x10 cab that is.... a 2.67 ohm cab. So... all you Heart Rockers with the 'pre upgrade' model don't seem to be at any sort of disadvantage IMO).

    Layout: The tone controls are very straightforward... five band EQ from low bass to the highest treble. Very nice mid controls, and nice voicing all around (60hz, 130hz, 550 hz, 4.2K and 12K). That highest 12K treble band is very similar to the 'bright' knob on the EBS heads. It works like a variable 'bright switch'... very nice.. much more useful than a simple 'on/off' toggle. Also, there is a handy, illuminated 'EQ in/bypass' switch.

    The input section had me baffled to the point that I thought I had a faulty unit. Input A is the passive input, and input B is active. The passive input is very hot, and does not go to 'completely off' when turned all the way down (the lowest numerical marking is 1, not 0). I've never had an amp or pre that works this way, so I thought it might have been set wrong or something internally. However, the engineer at Glock got right back to Uwe Salwender (the US distributer) to assure me that this was normal. The active input is very interesting... it has a variable pre gain pad, versus the -10db or whatever typical fixed input reduction. So, you can fine tune the input of even the hottest instrument. Still, kind of strange to me that the amp doesn't go to '0' when the pre gain is turned all the way down.

    There is also a nice 'tuner mute' button on the front panel, and that function can be foot switched using the 1/4 footswitch input on the back of the amp.

    Sound: Well, I was looking for a 'clean/quick' DB750, and I think that's what I got. The DB750 is a wonderful amp, but isn't really made for the more 'modern funk/pop' sound that I like (e.g., Norm Stockton, Marcus Miller, etc.). I was looking for that big 'lead sled' wump though, and this thing delivers. It is almost painfully quick, clean, and pure sounding. The voicing of the tone controls is very usefull... from the bridge pickup burp that can be accentuated with the lower mid control, to the quickest most shimmering slap sound. Comparing it to my wonderful Thunderfunk, you can hear and feel the increased 'chest thump' in the low end, and the more 'crystal clear' voicing versus the somewhat warmer mid voicing of the Thunderfunk (of course, you can also feel the extra 20 pounds in weight!).... it better have more ooomph.

    This head sounds incredible through the Schroeder 21012Light... very big low end and sizzly clean. The Epi410UL brings out more of the mid and upper mid growl and punch which I have a feeling is going to sound great in a loud, busy mix.

    This head seems perfectly mated to modern basses with humbuckers... like my MTD. It really brings out the 'hi fi' (I know that's a misused term... but you know what I mean). Quite frankly, I'm not sure what I think about it yet with the 70's J Bass, raw, single coil sounding Celinder... I'll have to see on the gig. That Celinder REALLY likes the Thunderfunk!

    The best way I can describe it is like an EBSHD350 or TD650 with A LOT MORE watts and more control over the midrange frequencies.

    So.... I'll have it on some gigs all through May, and will update with what I hope will be more useful information concerning performance on the gig, and if the extra rack space and additional 20+ pounds is 'worth it' compared to the wonderful Thunderfunk (which will still be my main gigging head).

    Finally, thanks to Joel at the Groove Shoppe for wonderful service all through the 'upgrade' situation that happened right when I ordered this head. He kept me informed all along the way... total pleasure.

  2. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    One more picture, now in its rack on top of the Schroeder21012Light.

  3. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    Fremont, Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    Ken, I really didn't need to read this. :help: :D

    That amp sounds awesome, and it sounds like something I need to add to my collection one day. :smug:

    Please report back after you get a gig or two under your belt with this amp!

  4. MacGroove

    MacGroove Brother of the Groove with a 'Pocket Full of Funk'

    Oct 5, 2005
    Thanks Ken, I (we), have been waiting patiently for your review. I'm glad you got the head room you were looking for that extra punch and thump. The PM you sent about the 'backbone' that I usually refer to, you'll need some backbone to carry it around now. :help:

    Great review Ken, many thanks.
  5. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    Ken Jung using a 40lb. amp?!?!?!?!:eek:

    That must be a GREAT sounding rig! Congrats Ken!
  6. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    Fremont, Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    You know, it is getting awefully cold outside, almost like something hot is freezing over... :D
  7. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    Ha! I figure if this doesn't work out, I'll fill that three space rack with six Focus's daisy chained together!
  8. vision

    vision It's all about the groove!

    Feb 25, 2005
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Endorsing Artist: MTD Basses, La Bella Strings, and 64 Audio IEMs
    Sounds like a great head! I love the idea of a clean/quick DB750...tons of power and headroom with that nice crisp, articulate tone that I love. Its looks great too...we'll have to get together sometime soon so I can check it out in person!
  9. nad

    nad 60 Cycle Humdinger Commercial User

    Sep 22, 2005
    Not Mars
    The Overlord of Nordstrand Pickups
    I plan on looking into Glock stuff if/when I get tired of my ThunderFunk amp. Pretty unlikely, but hey, you never know! :D
  10. emjazz

    emjazz Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Brooklyn, NY
    Ken, be sure to try it with your Berg 210S if you havn't already.
  11. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    You know, I hadn't really considered than, since the head is about the same size as the cab! However, I bet the voicing would sound great.

    Oh oh... first a 40 pound head.... is a 322 next... god help me:cool:
  12. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    Thanks! Any time. Come on over!

  13. emjazz

    emjazz Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Brooklyn, NY
    If I had the money, and wanted to carry that kind of weight again, than the Glock amps with Berg cabs would be my very close second choice (to an IP...:D ) I really, really love that combo. I actually like the Berg cabs more than the glock cabs as well.
  14. MacGroove

    MacGroove Brother of the Groove with a 'Pocket Full of Funk'

    Oct 5, 2005
    I can hardly wait to hear what sorta hard time the guys over at LDS will start giving Ken with the weight issue. Maybe they thought it was just a rumor. :bag:
  15. bassjigga


    Aug 6, 2003
    Nice summation Ken. Now all you need is some Glock speakers :D . The 12s are really nice sounding. I actually have the opposite opinion of emjazz. I went from a Berg 322 with my Heart-Rock to a Glock Double (2x12) and was blown away. The Glock cab really seemed to enhance the overall "Glock sound." Really pure and the 12s are warm and sweet. Very refined and musical sounding. Have you noticed how loud the Heart-Rock is? Glock is very honest about their power ratings. To me it seems louder than other amps with comparible numbers.
  16. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    Thanks! It is REALLY loud... very nice.

    You know... when you get up to the Glock, Epifani, EA, Berg sort of thing, it really comes down to pure personal choice. I have my favorites also (EpiUL's!), but the other stuff sounds great also. I'd love to try a Glock cab sometime. I wish they made their 410 Neo version with the spray on covering... that looks like a really nice finish.
  17. bassjigga


    Aug 6, 2003
    Yeah I've often said the same thing when people have asked me about high end basses and which is better. I usually say neither really - they're just different. Yeah I'm with you on that epoxy covering. It's pretty cool and more durable. The US cabs are actually not available in the light version - at least not for now; and the German cabs are much more expensive, so you'd have to decide how important weight is to you. From what I've been reading, it sounds like it is very important!
  18. bassbrother


    May 9, 2005
    Great review! I'm planning to buy a Heart-Rock head aswell. But I was wondering how the low-end of this amp is, because of the HI-FI reputation of Glock. As you said it has different sound as the db750, but is it thick enough in on stage?

    thanks in advance
  19. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    Hello and thanks! I'll have it on a bunch of gigs within a couple of weeks, so I'll let you know. However, from comparing it to my Thunderfunk, which has plenty of low end on even a loud gig IMO, the Glock has MUCH more low end booty. It's not that big, sort of 'pillowy' tube-like low end that I hear in the DB750... more of a very tight, clean SS low end, which is my preference.

  20. Chef

    Chef Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    May 23, 2004
    Columbia MO
    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
    Great! :rolleyes: I needed this review like a new hole in my wallet. Here I am trying to save for a New Standard DB, and you come along with this...

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